Ballet Recital

For weeks, Taelor and I have been working so hard at Ballet class. Well, mostly him. I’ve been lucky enough to attend the Mommy Child classes, but really the stars of the show are the kiddos.

Taelor just loves ballet and I’m so glad he gets to do it again. The idea of us being in a recital together is like a double fudge chocolate icing on the cake.

There were dances that the kids did alone. Taelor was in one of them and was dressed as a doll. It was Halloween themed, so that’s why it wasn’t a colorful doll, but a black dress. Still what a great dress it was, as it was made by his favorite store – Vicarious Youth.

He looked so cute putting on his makeup at the lodge. He got it down PERFECTLY and soon we headed out just in time to get set up and ready back stage.

I quickly got him to his position on stage, hug and kissed him GOOD LUCK, then ran off to stand back stage with my giant cookie. In seconds, the curtains came up then show began with Taelor and his ballet friends doing the first Ballet recital.

After that, some kids did the HipHop dance, but Taelor wasn’t a part of that class, so he stood by me in the back of the stage getting changed into his monster costume for the Monster Mash dance recital. He came as Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc, and I came as the cookie monster from Sesame Street. Taelor MADE his costume all by himself!! Can you believe it?

I was so proud of him when he showed it to me a week earlier while we were still at home. I’d come out of my closet and BOOM! A monster was in my room! HAHAHAHA

He’d worked on it for a while and I had no idea! He’s full of surprises.

Anyway, soon as the hip hop dance ended, we headed out and started our dance.

It was so much fun dancing and seeing all his and my friends and some family out in the audience cheering us on. It really gave us the boost to keep dancing, even though I did catch Taelor get distracted a few times while waving at them. It was too cute. All I could do was laugh.

After our monster mash dance we grown ups changed into our zombie outfits, and the kids too so we could do our Thriller dance. This was awesomeeeee! I’m a huge fan of Michael Jackson and when I was a little girl in Lagos, Nigeria, I remember dancing in the living room to this song with my brother. We did our best to get every step, but I’ll be honest, we were not that good! But this time, Taelor, me and all the others on that stage did it perfectly (hehehe…good ol’second life :D)

That was the last performance. We bowed on stage then went off to meet all our guests. It was nice seeing Isaac, Korageth, Salem and his cat named Kitty, Timmy, Irma and her mommy, Sabrina, and my sister (Taelor’s awesome Aunty) River there. We were happy campers that’s for sure.

Once we were done greeting everyone, I invited Isaac and Korageth to come back with us for some food at the cafe beside our lodge. So we got coats back on and headed on back there together.

The boys had hot chocolate, chocolate muffins and some really hearty yummy sandwiches. Taelor was only allowed to eat half of his muffin, cause that boy just doesn’t have a big belly. So I try to make sure he stuffs the good stuff in first. So I let him have just half of the muffin and IF he was able to finish his sandwich, he can have the rest of it. He finished his sandwich (thankfully), but ended up offering the remaining muffin to Isaac since he was full! I knew it. HA! *giggling*

After eating, we headed on home. It was Tae’s bed time, so we gave our hugs and kisses then headed on back to the lodge next door.

We were both tired, so we got right into bed, said our bed time prayers together and snuggled up to sleep. What a lovely day indeed.

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