Happy Birthday Taelor

My son is having a birthday today. A BIRTHDAY!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

He turned a year older a week ago, but today was the day we would get to celebrate it inworld together.

A few weeks back, I’d asked him what he wanted for his birthday and how he would like to spend it. Last year was a huge event that I surprised him with, but this year I wanted him to get to say what he wanted and then do my best to make that happen for him.

He requested having to stay home and have his friends come over. He wanted to play birthday games like musical chairs, and to eat pizza, ice cream and cake. Basic enough! I accepted and soon he made a list of his friends to invite, along with some nice acquaintances of his and relatives, of course. He also wanted his friends to get to take home candy and a teddy bear in their party bags. As I’m all for giving, that sat well with me.

The next day I ordered some invitation cards.

Taelor really liked the invitations cards, and I was relieved! That very week, Taelor put them in the post to each friend listed, and I set off planning the day.

I’d decided that even if it was just at home, I’d make it really special for him too. That meant decorating it perfectly, getting party hats for everyone, an ample amount of balloons to give away, specially made party bags, extra goodies in the party bags besides the teddy bear and candy. We would also get to play musical chairs, but in addition we would do a Picture Scavenger Hunt and from the pictures taken (by those who participated) the scrapbook given away also in the party bags would come in really handy.

The party bags given away also would have a cool baseball hat with a fan (for those, like Taelor, who get hot a lot) and really cute kitten glasses that turn into sunglasses when clicked. Everything was also color coded, and I felt satisfied that it’d be good enough as a party bag and that Tae would like it in the end for his friends.

Thankfully I was right. He approved it all with his great big smile that lit my heart. 🙂

I went on to setting up. That took me all week, and by the time the day arrived, it all went very quickly. This is what it looked like…

Taelor woke up early and was so excited. I sang happily to him as I got my good morning squeeze.

There is something extra special about squeezes on birthdays. 🙂

I then gave him ONE of his few presents, a crown. He loved it and put it on right away. After that, he got himself dressed in this really pretty pink dress!! Looked perfect and went with his crown. His hair needed to get done up nice and pretty for his special day, so I took him to the dresser and got busy with the curling iron and brushes to make his hair nice and befitting for a princess birthday boy! 🙂

He went from fab to more fab in no time!

Soon after, we took the balloons and crowns then headed outside our gate to wait for people to arrive. In no time, they began pouring in one by one.

People stayed gathered outside our gate while Taelor greeted and handed out party hats and balloons. It took a while, but he managed really well.

Once that was done, we headed into the compound and began playing the scavenger hunt once I’d handed out every one a camera.

The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun, especially the group picture at the end before playing musical chairs.

Isaac won the musical chairs, but it was so much fun still, and the birthday boy was such a good sport about it.

Taelor had so much fun eating all the sugar he possibly could!!! He thinks I didn’t notice, but oh I did! Alas, his birthday means he gets to eat everything he wants.

He cut his birthday cake soon after, and blew his candles before helping to slice up some to give to his friends.

He took one for himself too and just looked the cutest ever eating it. The cake had 3 different layers of very yummy tasting cake, so there was enough variety for everyone.

We went in to watch a movie at the end of all of that. Irma headed home soon after but not before getting Taelor to dig her present out of the pile and open it up before she left. It was a pineapple stuffy! Taelor named it Piney. It is so so cuteeee! Only thing is I’ve been told I can’t eat it. So I’m having to adjust to that piece of news.

The kids were all stuffed with sugar and so there wasn’t much need for popcorn as we snuggled up to watch the BoxTrolls. Sadly, it didn’t play well, so we watched HOME! WOW, that was awesome! So glad we ended up watching that one.

As the movie began, the door bell rang. It was Siddy! Late, but he turned up. Better late than never. He is such a ray of light and I know he made Taelor’s day by turning up eventually. We just love that little guy.

After he was able to get something to snack on from the backyard, we went back into the house and all 4 of us; Taelor, Isaac, Siddy and I, snuggled in to watch the move together!

It was such a good movie. I saw Taelor struggling forever to keep his eye open, but eventually, just shy of the end of the movie, he gave a big yawn and whined a teeny bit about being sleepy, so I quickly took him up to bed.

It’d been such a long day and I was all too happy to get him tucked away in bed to rest. It was waaaaay past his bedtime anyway.

We said prayers and in a flash he was asleep.

I did go back down to watch the end of the film with Isaac, before driving him home to his mommy who was waiting for him. I got to meet her, and really like her. We plan on taking the kids out together on Saturday, so really looking forward to that.

All in all, I’d say it was such a great day. I had fun. Taelor had fun. His friends had fun. I’m grateful to God for blessing him with one more year, and my prayer is that God shows up more and more in Taelor’s life. That God interrupts all patterns that are not aligned with His will for Taelor and that he furnish him with an acute awareness of the Grace He provides to all of us IN Jesus! Amen.

Happy Birthday, Taelor ❤

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