Our day with the Winterfells

Taelor’s Birthday was so much fun. He got a lot of lovely presents, but besides that, he was gifted with the presence of almost everyone he invited.

The next day, he took a bunch of a thank you cards from my card collection and filled them out to send to everyone, but first he needed to go through his gifts and note who gave what.

I sat with him in our reading nook, and let him go from box to box opening them up and grinning the entire time.

He didn’t get to finish, which led up to today.

I had woken up early and done some more tidying up around the house. Taelor got up and dressed himself. When he came down, I saw he was wearing one of his presents – a beautiful pink and yellow dress from Violet, creator of his favorite clothes shop, Vicarious Youth. He looked just so pretty and excited. It is a very fancy dress, but with that excitement, I didn’t have the heart to tell him to take it off and save it.

So there we were! I knew we had a day of fullness. I had planned with Ms. Winterfell, mother to Taelor’s friend! We had agreed on taking the kids out to play tennis and for tea afterwards. Still, I thought I’d be alright for him to sit in his pretty dress and open the rest of his presents while we waited. I’d pack his tennis clothes and we would change there.

Soon after he began opening more of his presents, our door bell rang. It was the Winterfells, Ema and Isaac. Benji, her other son and brother to Isaac, would join us later. He’s a bit older, so knew his way around on his own.

Taelor was pretty excited to see Isaac. That’s his buddy! They’re both so cute really.

Anyway, I quickly ran upstairs to change. I didn’t take too long. Soon as I was back down, we headed on out to the Aero Golf Club.

On arrival,  I looked high and low for the directions to the tennis court. After a while. I discovered that they had closed it up. All that was left was the golf course. So I asked the kiddos if they’d like to play golf instead.

There was a resounding “Yes”, so we each grabbed clubs and balls then headed on to the greens. Benji made it just in the nick of time too. Isaac was first to go, showing us how it was done. The rest was history.

We had a ball! I can’t tell you who won. We really didn’t keep track of scores that much. It was just fun playing together! At the end we laughed, watching Taelor do a happy dance when he got the ball into the hole.  We soon joined him in happy dance! It was hilarious and a ton of fun.

After golfing, we decided to go play a game since our tea reservation wasn’t for another hour. Ms. Winterfell took us to her and her kids’ favorite gaming spots then taught us how to play Skippo. Benji and his mom were game rivals, but I’ve gotta say, it was fun watching them try to outwit each other. Benji won! He’s really good at Skippo!


It was now time for tea, and we’d all worked up an appetite by now! So off we went, headed to the The Little Teapot, a lovely English tearoom in Triphosa run by a young lady named Victoria Fern Barker. The kids, Ema and I bounded up the hilly path and pushed the unlocked door open. It was the smell that led us to believe it was open for business. We were right!


We went in and were greeted by the lovely owner and cook, Victoria. She ushered us upstairs to be seated in a space more suitable for a group of our size.

Up we went. She took our order, came back down to prepare it and even went to the trouble of changing the radio station a few times for us. I overheard another client downstairs. As we left we saw him, but I tried not to stare. The food was really filling and delicious. Everyone enjoyed it. The place was so warm and homey, I could have stayed for breakfast. *giggling* Alas, it was time to go home. Night time had come and bedtime was very near.

We said our good byes with hugs and went our separate ways for the night!

Since Taelor’s birthday days ago, I’d been unable to give him his present, so I was determined that he would received it today before bed. Once we got home I showed him his card from me, then his present – a brand new video game. He can now play on his TV and not to mention with his friends. This was the one thing he’d wanted for his birthday, a video game. I am so so happy I was able to find something like it. He really was happy, which made my night!

What a fun fun day. I let Taelor snuggle up with me in my bed that night. We fell asleep almost instantly after saying prayers together.

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