Special Delivery for Taelor

Today is Tuesday! That means Ballet! We scurried out of the house to make it there on time.

I quickly went to the corner with all the other parents! There was a delicious looking drink with some cookies, so I helped myself while watching Taelor and his class mates learn a new dance for the Christmas recital.

Looks like it’ll be a really cool performance. I can’t wait to see it. This time, I’ll be in the audience and hopefully my video camera will be working so I can film it.

After rehearsals, we headed to the pet shop for some vitamins for our outdoor sparrows before going back on home. The video store had called me saying they’d fixed the issues with our DVD, so I took a moment to make sure it was working now. It was! YAY.

Taelor then went up to change out of his ballet outfit, while I reheated the beef stew and cornbread muffins for dinner.

We sat down to eat, chatting about our week to come. As we chit chatted, his Aunty Cat called him on the phone and the door bell rang. So I let him talk to her while I got up to go check who was at the door.

There was a pretty lady holding a package. She didn’t say her name, but it was clear she was there on a mission and asked right away if she was at the residence of a Taelor Mistwallow. I confirmed and pressed my question about what her visit was regarding. I’d began to wonder if Taelor had perhaps purchased something online, because I’d never seen her before and couldn’t fathom why Taelor would have a package.

She was smiling brightly, so all thoughts about her visit being negatively motivated were alleviated.

I yelled for Taelor to come to the living room, and when he got there he had a shy look when she asked if he was Taelor. Smiling, he confirmed and then broke into a grin when he was handed a package. The lady also handed him a pad to sign his name, to which he did his best writing in cursive and signed for it.

I was still very confused as the lady turned to leave. Quickly, I hovered around Taelor and watched him open the envelop. There was a certificate for an all expense paid magical week at Prim River National Forest. WOW!! Apparently, my sister, Catarina, had arranged this for Taelor as a birthday gift from her and Uncle Adam.

Guess who gets to go with him? Me! Yeah, that’s right! Mommy goes everywhere with her little guy! *laughing*

According to the paperwork in the envelope, our trip begins Thursday! So as Taelor mused over his certificate, I began mentally packing our things. We didn’t have much time to prepare, but who doesn’t love the promise of a spontaneous holiday? Besides, we, the Mistwallowers, never shy away from a prospective adventure. So here we come Prim River National Forest! Here we come!

Full of excitement, I scooped him up and headed on up so he could get washed up and ready for bed time. We said our prayers then I tucked him into bed. It didn’t take long before he was fast asleep with that happy smile on his face.

What a fun day! Tomorrow is gonna be awesome! ❤

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