Day 1 at Prim River National Forest

We both woke up early. Excitement chasing after us as we got our clothes on to get ready for our trip. Taelor must have been really excited cause he was up before me, had finished with the potty and even fed his birds, so was ready to go! Well, once I’d gotten MY hugs of course.

Fortunately, I’d stayed up most of the night packing our backpacks. I knew we were going to the forest, so prepared for the worst sort of camping by packing mostly jeans, boots and the like. I double checked that I didn’t forget anything, then we both got on our backpacks.

We quickly changed the sparrow’s water and fed them before heading on out the gate to get in the taxi.

It didn’t take too long to get there. The ride was very pleasant. It’s always nice watching the city line disappear and seeing everything change slowly into a more rural, naturesque scenery. We arrived safely and got our backpacks back on, stretched a bit before walking around to find the site promised to us.

Site 25 is ours. It was off the path, way in the corner. As we walked and things were revealed to us, our excitement only grew! We are staying in the most amazing tree house ever! Not to mention, we are right by the river! In fact, I’m sure we can sail from right beside our plot! We also have a sitting area with a projector outside too, although I doubt we’ll have time to watch anything since we’ll be busy exploring and adventuring. We took time to take in the fresh air and beautiful scenery. First thing Taelor did was hug a tree and say hello to it (smiling).

We walked about the grounds and found an outdoor bath. This caused a little bit of distress for Taelor. He’s so shy and didn’t want the neighbors to catch him taking a bath. I was worried it would be the only bathing option for us, so I did my best to put a positive spin on it. Not sure it worked, but for the moment he was doing a good job faking a brave face.

I let Taelor take the lead as we checked everything out, so up the steps we went. The tree house is amazing. So warm, well built and well decorated. We have a kitchen, dining and sitting area. We found the bedroom we’d be sharing, and Taelor got to pick his bed first. We each get a full sized bed, so it’s really comfortable!

After taking off our back packs, we walked back out and spotted some steps which led to an entire floor furnished with INDOOR plumbing. YAY! A bathroom! Taelor was so so relieved. So was I. As much as I know we’d have been okay no matter what, it really makes me a lot more comfortable that he’ll be more comfortable. ❤

We decided to take a few minutes to look around the camp site. We had only a few minutes before I would need to get him ready for bed, so we took to riding on bicycles instead of walking.  It was so much fun really! We didn’t get to see too much before we headed back to the chalet, besides a few very cute homes! Tomorrow, we certainly will be doing some heavy exploring. But for now it was bed time.

We leaned our bikes against the stairs, then I carried Taelor upstairs to the bathroom to get washed up and ready for bed time.

I changed into my Pajamas too, after putting my backpack on the floor.

When Taelor came back in the room, I told him a fun story about a Princess who lived in a green cotton candy forest. It was a fun story to make up, and I think Taelor had himself a good giggle watching me make it up. I love it when he laughs.

Soon after the laughing fit, I cradled him and said a prayer for God’s will in our lives and the lives of others, particularly in the wake of the recent tragedy in Paris. After that, I got us up and tucked him into bed before getting into bed myself for the night.

If tomorrow is given to us, I feel certain that it will be lots and lots of fun! Can’t wait! We’re having an amazing time so far. 😀

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