Day 2 at Prim River National Forest

I’d slept well! The bed was far from lumpy, so my sleep was deep and restful. I woke up a bit early when I heard some squirrels making noises outside. By the time I got down the stairs, they were gone or hiding. Either way, I didn’t see them, so I decided to stick around to watch the sun rise.

I must have been down there for so long, cause next thing Taelor was right there – washed and dressed. He said he too rested well, even though he awoke feeling a bit confused. It’s a natural. Usually kids need a few days to adjust to waking up somewhere other than their own room. I was at least glad that his bed wasn’t lumpy and he’d slept great!

After my morning hugs, I quickly scurried upstairs to get washed up and changed also. I also made us sandwiches, but in the middle of it I got a call from the doll shop about an issue. When I came down, we quickly went off to the shop then made a quick detour to the mall, before heading back.

Once we were back, we went up to enjoy our delicious egg salad sandwiches and pickles. We also had some chocolate milkshakes. Taelor was tasked to eat all of his pickles before being able to have any of his chocolate milkshake. He wasn’t too pleased about that, but decided he would slice them up and place them in his sandwich that way he could get through eating all his pickles without a sour face.

As we were eating, we heard some noises and yelling outside. Being new to the neighborhood, it was hard to tell whether it was coming from our yard or the next, so I put Taelor on my back then we went out to go check.

Well, what do you know! It was Korageth and Kit. They knew we were in town and as they visit the town often for scouts and other things, it was pretty cool that knowing we were on vacation here they made the effort to find us.

Korageth had a great big box with him. Apparently this visit was entirely for the recent Birthday boy, Taelor, and so was that gift! *grins* Soon after all the hugs were exchange, Korageth handed Taelor his pressie. It was the cutest pajamas ever! Unicorn pajamas! Taelor changed into it and it was the cutest thing ever. What an awesome gift! Taelor loves loves it. He even made a little smart comment when I told him not to prance away like a unicorn.

“I’m the unicorn formerly known at Prance.” – Taelor

Suffice it to say, I’m still laughing and may never stop. Ever!

Soon they were on their way, so Taelor and I got on our bikes and were off to explore more of the forest. Kit has mentioned that there was a bear somewhere. Taelor and I were both apprehensive, but we are adventurers so we weren’t going to let that stop us. However, I could tell that Taelor was worried about bears. He kept asking about them, worried about getting found and eaten by a bear. As if I’d let that happen. *chuckles* No bear is a match for a mother determined to protect her child!

As we rode, we paid attention to all the cool signs along the way. We stayed on the hiking trail for the most part, and saw a fishing spot, restrooms, bridges, more signs, more bridges, flowers, mushrooms, rivers, lots and lots of flowers, butterflies too.

We even got to ride on a horse together, and rode till we found an actual road. It was pretty cool!

When we returned the horse to get back on our bicycles, we spotted an apple tree, so went to pick some apples. Fortunately, there were a few empty sacks we could use to collect the apples we plucked. They were big and juicy. They are the most perfect apples to make a scrumptious pie or some delicious homemade cider. mmmm!!

We rode through a tunnel and up a hill till we got to the Welcome Lodge, which had a gift shop. It was pretty cool. We saw a few momentos of Prim River National Forest. Taelor got something for his Aunty Cat and Uncle Adam to say thank you.

Also, we had one of our pictures printed to a postcard to send to him. Hopefully he’ll get it very soon.

We left and headed up the hill some more till we got to a zipliner. I saw that it’d take us right by were we were staying, so we dumped our bicycles and zipped on down. It was such a long way down. Taelor was brave and went first. Alllllll the way down and across the river! He held on tight and landed safely.

Soon after, we were in a boat and heading on down the river to our site. It was such a nice ride.

Once we were back, Taelor ran up the steps to get brushed, washed up and ready for bed. He returned in his brand new pajamas, grinning from ear to ear. I scooped him up and hugged him so so tight. There, we prayed together in each others arms. He thanked God for the day, the gift of gifts and friendship too. It was  a lovely prayer, and once we had both said our ‘Amen’s, I tucked him into bed and soon he was fast asleep.

It was truly a fun and adventurous day, fit for the Mistwallowers. ❤

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