Farewell to Prim River National Forest

It’s been a glorious few days out here in nature. We’ve been enjoying the sound of critters in the night, the clean air, the clarity of the stars at night, the thrills of being in the wild yet cozied up in the luxurious tree house we’ve been lodged at for the whole time.

Time truly has flown by quickly.

I chartered a cab for today as I knew we had a lot of running around to do. Being as it is Tuesday, we needed to get to ballet class first.

Class was fun as always. Taelor is learning this new dance that’s nothing like ballet, but it’s so fun. It’s a bit Hip-Hoppy. Next week, they’ll start learning a ballet dance, but he’s having a blast dancing Hip-Hop. He gets to wear his ballet outfit no matter what.

After class, we went back to our lodge to pack our things and change clothes to check out. Taelor got to wear his new bunny sweater. It was the right weather for it. Today was just a teensie bit nippy. He also got to finish writing the words in the postcard to his Uncle Adam to say ‘Thank you’ again.

It was sad saying good bye to the town, but we’d had a good time and it’s nice to know we can always come back to visit.

Our cab came just on time! Spontaneously, I decided that since Thanksgiving was round the corner and we weren’t invited to join any family for the day, we would swing by Aunty River’s to wish her a “Happy Thanksgiving” in advance. As we drove, I called my brothers Adam and Shakespeare to see if we could swing by on our way home. Shakespeare was asleep, but Adam was wide awake and said we could come by.

We arrived at River’s house and Taelor quickly ran up the steps and rang the bell. Soon she was at the door and he was right in there hugging her happily. It was so sweet that we got to see her before the holidays. She was kind enough to take us to her other house closer to ours in Bay City. It was by the beach and really cute. We’ll definitely be able to see more of her now.

After our visit, we headed on to visit Adam. We got out of the cab at a really impressive mansion. The grounds were lovely and as we walked up the steps, we heard the door jiggle and there was Adam! He had just gotten off the phone so was a bit grumpy. Rich people have lots of responsibilities, and someone had upset him on the phone, but he was truly so accommodating and excited to see us.

He let us in and showed us around and introduced us to some of his family. Taelor was holding tight to the gift he’d bought him from the gift shop as we walked around. Finally, he handed it over to his uncle. Adam promised to place it on his mantle, which is so nice of him really. Their house is so grand. I really hope it’d fit in for them. He also loved the Postcard he received.

After that we headed on our way home. On arrival, we were so glad to be home! Being gone for just a week, and yet it felt like much longer.

I piggybacked Taelor upstairs to get himself washed up so he could get ready for bed time. I bet it must have felt great for him to get to sleep in his own bed again.

He snuggled up under those covers, after prayers, and was out like a light in no time.

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