Princess Kaolin is crowned at last

Today, I woke up intending to do some work. The doll shop has been signed up to do the ATP event this December, so I knew I’d be busy.

I only stepped outside on the porch to get some fresh air to give me the much needed swift kick up my butt, when I looked down and saw a seemingly discarded envelop. It looked as though it’d fallen out of the bunches of mail that I’d received.

As I opened it and saw the letterhead marked “Little Princess Academy”, my interest was peaked. Soon, I discovered that it was an invitation to the coronation of Kaolin. She was being crowned Princess of Little Princess Academy! How amazing.

I quickly remembered receiving a similar invitation months ago for my nieces, Sami and Poppy, who were also crowned. It had meant so much to them and I could only imagine what it’d mean to Kao.

So, I decided to put aside work, particularly after looking at the time and noticing that the event was only 10 minutes away!

I hurriedly got showed and changed in a flash. I remembered to take my camera with me. Sadly, Taelor was asleep ((in RL)) and I didn’t have the heart to wake him, even though I knew he would have loved to come along to support his friends. Nevertheless, I decided I would go and represent both of us.

So I did! I arrived on time and took a seat quickly. Soon I saw familiar faces like Wila (Kao’s Aunty), Joi (Kao’s sister) and of course Tannia (Kao and Joi’s forever Aunty who has been with them through thick and thin). I’d met Kao and Joi when they were my wards at the Orphanage. Through that I was able to meet Tannia, who was such a generous and kind soul.

Being in the space was lovely. It was quite grand. We were all sat quietly, awaiting the coronation to commence. The lady presiding, walked up and stood at the podium. Soon after, Kao walked in by herself. Well, along side the cutest little dog.

She looked so beautiful and so happy. A few tears welled up in her eyes from time to time, but that really was to be expected. I’m sure she’d worked very hard to get there.

Soon the coronation began and I quickly learned of all she did to reach this point in the journey. She’s always been a good, well behaved little girl, so that she was being crowned officially made so much sense to me.

I took pictures, listened and watched attentively. There were a few people there. People I assumed to be her family considering the way they cheered her on.

She gave a lovely, very moving speech. Judging from the sniffling in the room, I confirmed that they truly were family. It was nice to hear how happy her life is now.

I often worry about all the kids I once was charged over. Some keep in touch, some don’t. But every day I pray they all have found homes and happiness. So it is always nice to witness it for myself, and see these kids live again.

After the coronation, we rose up and moved to the hall where food was served and I was able to greet people properly.

Joi looked really dapper in her suit. I took some time to say hello to her before she ran off to take pictures with her family.

All in all, it was a lovely ceremony. I am utterly proud of Kaolin and the public recognition for being the Princess I knew she was all along.

Congratulations, Kao.

Belle & Taelor Mistwallow ❤

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