A very Happy Thanksgiving indeed

Very rarely do I do anything “last minute”. I’m really a very busy person these days, and I don’t say that lightly. Gone are the days of being idle in SL. I schedule everything now, mainly because I’m spending more time in RL, so my SL time is spoken for, 9 times out of 10.

When I do schedule things, it’s often a week in advance. So when I found myself inviting the Winterfells to join Taelor and I for a Thanksgiving dinner at our place only 2 days before, I very quickly hurried up to make that happen!

For some reason, Thanksgiving snuck up on me. Between Taelor’s birthday, the Dolls and RL work on my resume, I’d almost forgotten there was such a thing to expect.

I was so glad when after my call to Ema, Kit and Isaac’s mom, there was good news. They had no plans and were more than glad to join us!

Taelor was fast asleep when I made this call. There was no time to waste! I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. I ran down and managed to snag the one last juicy turkey at the butchers, then came back home. I would marinade the turkey all night in fresh herbs and garlic. By morning it’d be fit for the oven. So I did that then began making a red velvet chocolate cake. I made 3 sheets of it. I would wait for that to cool before creating a unicorn shape and ice it. With how much Taelor loves unicorns, I know he’d think this to be a cute cake.

I spent all night drinking coffee and making the rest of the dishes. I baked wheat bread rolls, rolled some sushi, made some Paella, rolled up asparagus in bacon to be broiled later, made cranberry sauce from fresh cranberries, then made some croquettes.

Somewhere in all the cooking I took a nap after starting the turkey on a slow cook. I continued when it was closer the time by icing the cake, reheating the food, boiled some corn on the cob in water infused with seasoning and herbs, mashed potatoes, made the stuffing and sifted some stock from the turkey to get going on the gravy.

Suffice it to say, I was EXHAUSTED by the time it was all done, but I was excited! Soon Taelor would be up, so I quickly set the table for 5 – Taelor, Kit, Korageth, Ema and I!

I’d opened up a packet of apple candies I had gotten at a lovely open market the other day. A lovely lady who makes natural scents organically, sold them so I bought a few. I had also gotten new table clothes the other day at a thrift store that’d be perfect for thanksgiving. So I set the table with those and positioned everything as best as I could.

For drinks, I decided to make cocktails for the groundups and for the kids, I made a pineapple soda drink with carbonated water and fresh pineapple juice for Taelor. I also made some delicious floats. A Melon one for Kit and a rootbeer one just in case. Korageth had a pinecolada, Ema had a Pink Paradise and I had a Purple cocktail that I threw together randomly with no name. It did have quite a bit of Cointreau and they all were sweet!

Everything was set, so I went to clean up. Unfortunately, as I was cleaning up, I knocked down a bunch of pots. As I was cleaning up, that was when I heard Taelor’s voice from upstairs calling out to see if I was alright. *grins* My butterfly was awake! Finally… 😀

I yelled back saying I was fine and that I was downstairs before I proceeded to pick up all the pots I’d dropped. As I was piling them, one after the other, Taelor came into the kitchen full of hugs just as his t-shirt promised. After putting away the pots, I cashed in on them!

He was a bit puzzled as he entered, smiling his sweet smile, he asked what I was cooking. That was then that I told him everything and how we were having guests come over for Thanksgiving! He was so pleased. I then showed him the dining room. Told him about the thrift shop, and showed him the cake I’d made for him…umm…us. 😀

In no time, there was the bell. THEY WERE HERE! Taelor got to the door before me and opened it. They were all here. Even Benji, Kit’s brother, came! Whoohoo!

I panicked on the inside for a moment, as I had only set 5 places. We ushered them into the living room, then I excused myself to go set an extra place. Fortunately, that spare rootbeer float will come in handy. It’s a good thing I made it.

In a few minutes, it was time to eat. Taelor came to check on me. So I asked him to go get everyone to come into the dining room so we could each take a seat.

After saying grace, we began our dinner. We talked for ages. and as time flew by we shared our individual reasons for being thankful. We went in clockwise order, starting with Kit.

Kit: “Well uhm…… I’m thankful for aerodynamic pastries? *giggles* but really I’m thankful I have my family. i would not be here if I didn’t have them. *thinks* Yeah for my family, Mom, Kah, and Benjabutt. and friends.”

Benji: “hmm i’m happy to have a home and people to spend time with.”

Korageth: “Hmm~ Well, I’m thankful for a lot of things. I’m thankful that I’m doing well, because it’s put me into a position where I can better support the people that are important to me…I’m thankful that the people I care about are doing fairly well, or at least well enough that I don’t worry about them. I’m thankful for the people that love me and look out for me. I’m also thankful for being alive still, mostly for the whole first reason. I’m thankful for everyone in here, and the things they’ve done for each other. That helps me sleep a little easier at night, as well as a lot of the people who aren’t here. Despite some of the challenges they’ve had, they’ve all come out relatively unscathed, if not better people for it. I’m very thankful for that. I think that covers the really important stuff. I’m also thankful for the sweet-as-heck walkman you got me. And the food, because I forgot about that, and all the trouble everyone went through, and the fact that everyone made it. I think that covers just about everything that I can think of. Oh! There was one other thing I’m grateful for. I’m grateful that I wasn’t stuffed and cooked for thanksgiving.”

Ema: “hummz. welps *looks at my kids and smiles* i have lots to be thankful for. RL and SL. im thankful for Dr.’s dispite the many times i call them quacks. Im greatful for being in remission going on two years. im thankful for my daughter jen. Im very thankful for my SL family and friends. Who dispite my many flaws have stuck with me and never thought of walking away. Im thankful for everyday and all the people i get to meet and talk to. and im so thankful for those who know more and better than myself and are willing to take the time to teach me a little of what i dont know. *shrugs* lots to be greatful for this year.”

Taelor: “I’m grateful I’m able to be me, as much as I can. There’d been a long time when people’d say, “Boys don’t do that,” or “Boys don’t wear that,” or “Boys don’t like that.” …And then I found Mommy. And she didn’t tell me any of ’em things. Instead, she listened to me, and let me be me, and do what I want. Well … mostly what I want. And then I found friends, and family who saw me, and were okay with me the way I am. It’s kinda amazin’ there’s so many people who’ve come into my life, and I’m grateful for all ’em. :)”

Me: “I am thankful for life…I’m thankful first and foremost for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know it’s a bit odd to hear, I know we don’t all share the same faith. But I suppose it’s really real to me, my relationship with him, and with so much in my life that’s changed, improved….I can’t help but feel so thankful to have him back in the forefront of my life. So had to say…Next, Im thankful for my growth. I’ve grown a lot in a year since I relocated in RL. I’ve experienced a lot of pain emotionally, a lot of neglect (in RL), a lot of misunderstanding living with the wrong sort of people, medical things, surgery. I’ve been lucky to have glimpses of light in between courtesy of here, SL. I’ve grown creatively, in my people skills, my compassion has increased, my awareness of just how many different types of people and interests exist. I’ve become more rounded. I’ve been challenged and risen to it. I’ve had a lot of ventures from my orphanage to teaching and above all parenting, all of which have brought me that one step closer to a wiser, kinder me…I really am thankful to each of you round this table for all sorts of reasons and I wont go into it cause this will be LONGER! But forgive me to be partial and say specifically for Taelor, my son. He’s really inspired me in many ways he can’t yet understand really. So much in me healed when I discovered I could love someone the way I love him. I became aware that I DO have mothering instincts and maybe I could start actually wanting kids in RL. Though Im sure they wont be as well behaved.  Particularly since there wont be any way I can log them off. *laughs* I’m glad we can be friends and share ourselves in this way. It’s a reason to give thanks truly. And really I truly meant it when I said Im thankful for Life. It’s up and downs is why we’re all here. And right here and now is pretty great.”

It was nice hearing everyone express themselves. It’s certainly given me reason to celebrate all the more hearing of the reasons they are thankful. The Bible says to rejoice with those who are rejoicing. I certainly felt that desire tonight as I listened.

We had cake and I sipped on my tea, but before long it really was past Taelor’s bed time. After nudging for him to excuse himself to go get ready, he said his good nights and went on up.

I would soon be up stairs to tuck him in, but for now I hung about talking to Ema and Korageth while I had some time.

After a few minutes, I got up to go check on Taelor only to find him walking towards me in the living room. He had made his way back down the steps, so I scooped him up and marched right back upstairs to get him into bed *laughs* He’s just so adorable!

We said bed time prayers together. It was my turn. So once that was done, I tucked him into bed right away. He’s just so precious to me. He was grinning a lot and a part of me knew it had something to do with the sugar rush from the cake, but I also know he loves me too. As much as I love him. *grins* With that in my heart, I tucked him in and soon he was fast asleep.

I slipped away back downstairs to go hang out a bit longer with the Winterfells. Soon, Benji fell asleep on the table and Kit was nodding off. We were stuffed, and it was funny watching Kit and Korageth sort of nodding off in rhythm. Ema and I did most of the talking. We were wide awake. Nevertheless, she saw it fit to take the kids home, so got up to lift Benji up into her arms. Kit somehow woke up swiftly when she overheard Korageth being prompted to carry her. It was quite funny how resistant she was to being carried, but eventually, Korageth won! Even if it was just to impress me and Ema, since we were picking on him for being lazy.

We walked to the door where I said my goodbyes before standing on the porch, waving, as they walked to their car! They soon headed home. I’ll check on them later to see that they got home safely, but I’m sure they did. Korageth is a good driver.

What a really awesome day! I hope yours was special too. ❤

((If you’re reading this, I’d love to hear your story. Please feel free to leave a comment sharing why you’re thankful. God bless xxx))



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