Shakespeare’s Surprise and Christmas Tree Shopping

I woke up bright and early today to do some yard work. It was a bit chilly. Definitely colder than it was yesterday, so I knew I’d need to get my coat out. As I dug for it through my trunk, I decided to get all our winter things out. I snuck into Taelor’s room to put his coats away in his closet, then tip toed out without waking him.

Just then, I got a notification on my phone about some money getting deposited in my account. It was from my brother, Shakespeare. He had wired me some money and texted me a picture and an address. All a bit mysterious,  but that’s my big bro! He’s so sweet and generous and just loves his nephew to the point of contributing to him being very spoiled. Fortunately, Taelor’s spirit of humility and gratitude makes it a pleasure to spoil him, and his Uncle feels the same.

As I looked at the picture of the most adorable doll house and dolls ever, I realized why he had wired the money and address. I called him and we talked for a while. He wanted me to take Taelor to go get it as a Pre-Christmas present. Something to play with under the tree. How sweet, right?!

I closed my phone and carried on with my day. First, I checked the weather forecast of the address my brother had given me and learned that it’d be snowing. Perfect! So so glad that I had just rummaged through some winter things and brought our coats out of the storage trunks.

There was some house work to do after last night’s thanksgiving dinner, so I went ahead with clearing up  the dining room and put some more glassware in the sink with the dishes.

As I was doing all that, I heard footsteps upstairs and knew Taelor was awake. I wiped my hands and headed in the direction of the stairs, when I saw him heading towards me in his cute pinkish pajamas.

Naturally, I don’t do anything until I’ve gotten my warm Taelorific hugs. I asked him about his tummy. Yesterday had been quite a bit of a sugary blur after my huge slice of cake, so wanted to make sure his belly wasn’t achey. Fortunately, it wasn’t.

Then, I told Taelor about that we would be going somewhere to get our tree and also that his Uncle wanted to give him a gift which we will be picking up.

He didn’t know what it was yet. As I explained, I decided to call his Uncle and put the call on speaker phone so that Taelor could get to talk to him. Being all the way in another country means Shakespeare sleeps at different hours than we do, so I was so glad when he picked up the phone and Taelor got to thank him in advance for the gift.

After a few minutes on the phone, I sent Taelor to go get changed and told him to dress a bit warmly. I chatted on with my brother on the phone as he changed. Soon he was back down in only a hoodie and earmuffs. Now, looking out our window, it was obvious that a hoodie would be sufficient, but I knew it would only get colder as we journeyed to the market, so I sent him back up to change out of his hoodie into a proper Winter coat. He sighed and looked down at his Tutu Hoodie that he really wanted to wear, but he did go back up to get his coat and gloves too.

As I watched him go upstairs, I smiled. He’s an obedient boy and I knew that soon he would understand just why I insisted on warmer clothing.

Once he was back downstairs, he and I headed out the door.

As we drove, snow began to fall. Soon there was white as far as the eye could see. When we arrived, the market was crowded!!! Seems even snow won’t get in the way of this Christmas market. I took Taelor’s hand and didn’t let go of it. Too many people to risk loosing him in the crowd. There was a beautiful tree at the entrance that Taelor took a moment to say hello too (naturally), and as he talked about how strong the tree must be for holding up all those ornaments, I was attentive whilst guiding us through the crowd and looking for the right way to go.

After pushing through the crowds at the entrance, we made our way down one of the icey paths. I checked my phone for the directions my brother gave and walked accordingly until we got to the stall!

Voila! The dollhouse and two dollies, one pink and one green. I think the look on his face says it all. He loved it!

As I counted out the money to hand to him to pay, he asked me if I thought his friend, Isaac, would mind playing with him. Some boys stick up their noses to playing with dolls and certain things they consider to be “girlie”, but thankfully that’s just some! There are still many who don’t stick up their noses, and fortunately the majority of kids in OUR lives are fun, loving, and not judgmental in these matters.

Isaac just so happens to be one of those kids, so I was able to confidently and truthfully answer Taelor and reassure him that he can be himself. He can and should certainly ask his friend to play any game that is of interest to him. He seemed happy knowing that, and that made me glad because looking at him and that doll house, I know he’d love very much to share it with a fun friend. He certainly deserves that. 😀

I carried the box. It was sort of heavy. More bulky than heavy. As we made our way down the slippery path to the Christmas Tree farm not too far away.

Gosh, so many trees. So gorgeous and they all smelled so good. The air was “piney”, as Taelor called it. We walked around looking for the perfect tree.

I told Taelor that he would get to pick the tree, any at all. So he went scurrying around looking for the tree that would come home with us. He stopped at a fallen one. The only one that had fallen and was without a stand.

Taelor: It’s so hard pickin’. They’re all awesome!
Me: mmhhmm They sure are
Taelor: Can we take this one here, Mommy?
Me: awwww this one fell down *smiles at him*
Taelor nods
Taelor: I think it needs cheerin’ up.
Taelor points to the tree laying on the ground.
Me: This one? *looks at the fallen tree a moment, then at all the others that were big and perfect, comparing for a moment before sighing and looking to her compassionate son with a smile, then nodded* Yes we can!!
Taelor: It ain’t got a stand or anything.
Me: Oh dont worry. We’ll get him a stand
Me: This one is ours and we’ll cheer him right up!
Me: And Im sure you and I can get him to look as pretty as ever
Taelor: Yaaay!
Me drags the tree from the ground and stands it up
Taelor: Thank you Mommy!
Me: It really is perfect for us
Taelor holds the box with the doll house when his mommy gets the tree
Me: He’ll be right at home with us
Me: Even fall trees need love and purpose
Me smiles as he picks the box up “You okay carrying that? Hang in there.”
Taelor nods and grins
Taelor: I’ll be okay, Mommy. I been eatin’ veggies!
Me: hahahaha

It was a good feeling! He went for the lowly, abandoned tree. It reminded me of God’s love to us. When we’re down, fallen, discarded and even forgotten on the ground, His love for us never stops. He looks and sees our potential and chooses us out of mercy and love.

I really loved that moment. It kept me smiling as I dragged that heavy tree to the car and we headed all the way home.

The time was 3:59 pm when we got to our gate and began unloading the car. Perfect timing, because Taelor had a play date with Isaac at 4!

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