Taelor and Isaac shoot the ducks

Weeks ago, Ema, Isaac’s mom, and I had scheduled a play date for the boys. It was arranged that Isaac would come over to hang out with Taelor at 4 pm, so long as he was able to make his scouts meeting at 7!

We had just come back from the Christmas market when we noticed Isaac already there at our door step. He was right on time too!

I dragged our tree into the house while Taelor properly greeted his friend with a warm hug. They were chatting as I made it in with the tree, propped it up and leaned it against the wall for later. I’ll need to get a stand for it later.

As I picked some pine from my coat, I walked into the kitchen and called out for Taelor to take his coat off and shut the door behind them. They were in the living room. All I heard was their child like voices, pitched with excitement as they talked about this and that. I may have overheard them talking about the fact we got the fallen tree, but I really was leaving them to it. It was nice hearing them in the distance as I washed up the remaining plates in the sink.

They would be watching Boxtrolls together soon, so I called out asking what they’d like to snack on. Within seconds they both ran into the kitchen. Isaac announced “Marshmellows”; Taelor squealed then announced “And chocolate”. Isaac nodded a lot. Taelor tacked on “And cake or cookies”. Oh boy, it was spiraling down the sugary road so I quickly spoke up saying yes to the Marshmellows and chocolate. I told them I’d put that in a mug and they can have hot chocolate with what they’d eat, but as far as the cake and cookies went, it’d have to be one or the other.

Taelor quickly got smart and said “Cake! But with cookie crumbled on top”. Now technically that’s still just a cake. He got me! Heck, it was a treat day, and I try to let him and his friends have what they like, so I said YES! But on the condition that they eat the sandwich I would make them. Last thing I want was them getting all sugar and nothing nutritious first. They agreed! Phew!

But first, the movie! I rinsed and wiped my hands and we headed into the living room where I turned on the TV, then selected the Boxtrolls from our DVD collection to play. They were plopped excitedly on the couch. I stood for a few minutes behind to make sure the rating was as promised. After about a minute into the movie, I left to the kitchen to make everything I promised.

First I cut up some veggies that I would put in the sandwich. I was half way through making that when I realized that I didn’t have any bread. What I did have were whole wheat wraps. MMMM Even better. So I took some left over turkey from the day before and sauteed some fresh veggies (lettuce, bell peppers, tomatoes) with it and made a really juicy filling. I tossed a few cut up olives in before wrapping them in the whole wheat wraps, one for Taelor and one for Isaac. It smelled and looked good! Fingers crossed that the boys would like it.

I always have cake in the house. One of my favorite things to do is make chocolate cake! I have a few sheets stored at all times. But lately, I’ve been slacking. Fortunately, with my thanksgiving cooking in the recent past, I did have 2 small round chocolate cake sheets. I quickly made a very soft milk chocolate ganache, then smeared it on top of one sheet before laying the second sheet on top.  I covered the cake with the ganache too, then left it for a while.  As I juiced some oranges and turned on the kettle to get some hot water for the hot chocolate. Before the ganache cooled completely to be solid, I took a few packets of oreos and tossed them into a ziplock bag before bashing it into crumbs and pressing the crumbs against the cake till it was piled on with oreos. As the ganache set fully, so did the oreo crumbs. The cake was done! 😀

Once I was finished with everything, I made the hot chocolates then plated up. I searched for my colored napkins then found a yellow one, and a blue one. I figured it’d be special to have both the boys get napkins in their favorite colors. That was when I heard a big bang in the living room. At first I thought something happened to the kids, but soon remembered the TV was on. Clearly the movie was in full swing. I kept hearing the boys giggling, commenting, gasping and so on. They were enthralled. I was glad, because at least they were too distracted to realize they were hungry.

I walked in quietly with Isaac’s tray and placed it in his lap before returning to get Taelor’s tray too. They seemed happy with everything they were looking at on their trays. It gave me some satisfaction really. As I gravitated to our reading nook to collapse and watch the movie too, I observed Taelor shutting his eyes to say his grace. He did it quietly before tucking into his food. He remembered! Needless to say, I felt very proud of him.

The movie played on and was really good. I caught only the tail ending of it, but the 30 or so minutes that I watched were really good!

Once the movie was done, I checked the time. It was 6 pm. There was still enough time for the boys to play before Taelor’s bed time and Isaac’s scouts meeting. As I got up to clear the trays, Taelor asked Isaac if he wanted to come up to play video games in his room. I said it was okay, on the condition that they don’t shoot the house down. So up they went, to Taelors room…to shoot some ducks!

I stayed downstairs cleaning up while they were upstairs. All I heard was pew pew pew from their zappers, with lots of “You can do it”s and “Yay”s and such, as they encouraged each other to get the ducks in the Duck Hunt game Taelor got for his birthday. They seemed to be having fun.

After about 20 minutes, I came up and stood in the door way, smiling. They were just so cute!!! I’ll admit, I was reluctant to bring an end to the fun, but there’s always next time. So, I knocked on the door frame then told them their time was up and asked Taelor to pack up the game. Isaac gave back the zapper and both were all to happy sharing that they both made the score board (whatever that is :P).

Taelor gave Isaac a big hug then went to get ready for bed when I asked. I offered Isaac some cake to take home for his mom, Korageth and Benji, so we went downstairs to wrap up a big piece in some aluminium foil. I handed it to him and headed out of the kitchen towards the front door. Taelor had come down now, dressed in his pajamas and ready for bed.

We saw Isaac off to the door and watched him get on his scooter and wheel himself away. He promised to call when he got home. Such a good little boy!

I turned and picked up my little butterfly. He was still bubbling with happiness from his awesome day! So was I, and we talked about it as we headed upstairs to say night night prayers. It was his turn to pray, so I tucked him into bed right after. It was almost 30 minutes past his bed time when I looked up, but it was okay. Not too late.

It was a truly splendid day! From the market to his play date, we were graced with a lot of gifts today. The gift of family and friends! ❤

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