Last Mommy and Child Ballet class before the recital

Today, Tae and I just hung out together, low key. I showed him the dollies I’d made on behalf of ~Belle’s Babydolls~ for the Bay City Tree Lighting Concert and Fundraiser event. He really liked them and the flag too.

After that, we got ready to head out for Ballet class.

We’ll be in a recital this Sunday (December 13, 2015) at 3pm SLT.12341350_1690114641208996_5324037001350760952_n

YOU’RE INVITED! (Address is:

The last recital was a wonderful hit. This one will be even more fun! Can’t wait.

After rehearsal, we went home.

I had gone out yesterday to buy a stand for our tree. I also got a few ornaments for it. We’ll be working on making our tree happy for being taken home with us. But not today. I promised that we would start on it the next day, so we hurriedly went right to bed.

Come tomorrow. Come! ❤

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