Me and My Beau

“Ms. Belle! Ms. Belle! Ms. Belle! Did you get a boyfriend?”. I know that’s what’s on your mind. The quick answer is… Yes.

Well…he’s a boy and he’s a friend! *laughing* 😛 I’ve claimed him as my beau, because very quickly in our acquaintanceship (yes it’s a word), we both realized that although we ‘play for different teams’ there is something innate within us that meshes so well. Before we spent any time together, we felt a connection. Suffice it to say, if there was a boyfriend to be had, I’d certainly want it to be my beau, Jacob.

Now, I realize that this is all so superficial, after all this is the first time you’ve ever heard me talk of him in a post. I’ve also never hung out with him before, so he’s a stranger to you. Well, that’s all being fixed. You see, my beau, as I call him now instead of his name, is also my landlord. Tricky stuff befriending ones landlord, because they have the power to render you homeless. I assure you, he’s not on my good side for the sheer concern of self preservation. This guy is pretty cool.

He comes as a package deal with his awesome sisters, Red and Terr. I met Red when I first moved to Bay City and quickly took to her. She shares the same energy as her brother and suffice it to say, I feel in love with her too. By the time I met Terr, I realized this must be a family trait. To inspire love in others. But wasn’t till I met and spoke to Jacob, then in a bid to play match maker and set him up with one of my old friends, that I realized how cool he too was and that I would have to keep him ALL FOR MYSELF <evil laugh>

Anyway, yesterday Jacob did some work outside of our home in Falconmoon. He really turned it around, the bear land beside our compound. Before he did, he asked if I minded, and I’m so glad I entrusted him to do it. Anyone who knows me knows I love to decorate. Entrusting people with decorating projects is NOT something I do – ever. Well, unless it’s to my son and usually confined to something specific. But a whole piece of land space to do with whatever? Never! And yet, in the moment I handed it over, it was as though I was handing it over to my own self. I didnt hesitate, unlike me. I simply said “Sure. Have at it”. Next thing I know, it was as though I was looking at a picture of something taken directly from my own imagination. Somehow, without any hints from me, he reproduced something I wanted so much and it was done much better than I would have. It was simple and perfect!

I squealed, called his Sister…squealed in her ear…took to the media making announcements…all before finally getting to speak to him live on the phone. We talked for hours, from how happy I was to bits about my life, my journey and even Taelor. We had an awesome good chat, but before we ended the call, we made plans to hang out tonight!

And so, “tonight” came upon us. I was super excited. I got up late and gave him a call to say I was running late. He was out and about – shopping. So I had time to shower and get changed out of my pajamas. We talked a bit as I got dressed. I ran down to my fridge to get a pie I had earmarked for him. I bought a few at the supermarket and had one in mind for him and his sisters. It was a delicious sweet potato pie that was all the rave in the market this season. I caught a cab and headed to the shop he was at instead of his home – pie and all.

Getting there was easy. I arrived to see him and the cutest little puppy on his arm. Puppy’s name was Sisco, and he was really well behaved. When I handed over the pie, Sisco didn’t even try to rip into it. He was curious but didnt make a fuss.

My beau seemed happy with the pie. I think he likes pie. Not sure his favorite yet, but this one seemed to get smiles out of him.

We focused some on shopping, looking at all the cool knick knacks, particularly at the art work. My beau was all enthralled with the artist’s ability and was inspired to even give it a go himself. I think that’s really incredible and cant wait to see how far he gets trying to create some art himself.

After glaring endlessly at the artwork, we went about shopping for some other bits. He’s really similar to me I think. He likes creating environments that heighten experiences for others. I mused as we bounced back ideas on what to do with what, and it was nice to see that we truly are in sync in so many ways. It was fun, and really neat to joust with decorating ideas.

After this, he promised to take me to Nova Albion, a city not far from ours. We got into his VERY fancy, super awesome, clean, brandnew car smelling MERCEDES, and cruised off luxuriously. As we were driving, I got a call from Ayame. She runs the Bay City Activity Center, and as I had signed up my doll store to participate in rewarding the winner with their choice of a doll, on the house, she was calling to secure my commitment. It meant we needed to swing by the Activity Center, so we took a detour from our trip and headed that way.

When we arrived, it was strikingly awesome. The snow maker was in full effect, because snow was everywhere. Looked like the perfect Christmas setting, with the trees, the sweet hot chocolate smell coming from the cafe booth, and of course, Santa calling out to us in the near distance. It was just beautiful.

I signed up formally, and so did my beau. He even supports causes with the rest of us. He’s awesome, I tell ya!

We did a tiny bit of setting up before I indulged in some hot chocolate in the booth by the car park. After that, we headed back into the car and hit the road. The sun was already starting to set, and we wanted to get there in enough time to see things.

It was a long drive, but so scenic and enjoyable. Especially for me as the passenger for a change. It was such a fancy car. All the while I thought of Taelor and how I wished he was in it with me to see how fancy it was. Taelor and I talk British whenever we see fancy things. I found myself thinking in a British accent, and sticking up my pinky as I giggled internally while thinking of my Taelor. He’s got a cold you see, so he couldn’t join us. But there’ll be other times.

All my broody thinking was interrupted when we arrived in the city center of Nova Albion and I saw the most amazing bridge structure. Jacob, ummm I mean ‘my beau’, parked the car on the curb so we could jump out and quickly look around and see what was there.

We found steps leading to the canal walk. It looked a bit dangerous really, and reminded me of places I’d been before that were unadvised to linger around in dim light. Nevertheless, the architectural effort was impeccable and worth the risk to see.

We headed back up the steps, all the way to the top of the bridge. I climbed up the ledge to really get a great view. Nerve wrecking to be stood up so high without support, but I was feeling adventurous! My beau joined me up on the ledge. We could see all the way to the coastline. It was truly beautiful.

Night time was upon us. Once we had taken a hearty a look at the map of Nova Albion on display, we said our goodnights and promises to continue from here next time.

So, there you have it. The night with me and my beau. Here is to many more opportunities to paint the town green! ❤


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