Rehearsals and Tending to our tree

Today was a fun day as Taelor and I got to do some dancing at the rehearsal today. It’s just a few days before the recital, so the kids got to do some dressing up too to make sure their costumes fit.

This particular dance called for an animal pajama, and how lucky that a few weeks back Taelor had gotten a set of unicorn pajamas from Korageth as a birthday present. That’s what he decided to wear. It fit perfectly.

After rehearsals, we headed on home to have a homey pajama day. I changed into mine and Taelor changed out of his ballet shoes before we came back down to get some tree decorating done.

We had gotten our Christmas tree a few days ago, and I’d pulled out some of our ornaments from storage, including some new ones. I had also gone out and bought our “sad” tree a stand. When we had found the tree, it was laying on the ground, neglected. All the others were standing nice and tall, so Taelor picked it in hopes that we could love it happy.

Decorating together is always fun, not to mention it’d probably make our tree even happier. So we began decorating together with some awesome Christmas music playing on the radio.

There were so many decorations, but not enough time. Bed time soon came for Taelor. He was really sleepy, so I took him to the bathroom and after a little pep talk, gave him energy giving huggies before getting him tucked away into bed.

We’ll spend the next few days finishing our tree. No rush. I’d make it last forever if I could. ❤

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