Short visit to Ema and Korageth

I found a little pastry shop that had the best, yummies little sweet potato pies. I got one for my beau a few weeks back and he seemed to like it too, so I got a spare one and contemplated giving it to the Winterfell’s.

Taelor was fast asleep, but I was still stirring in bed, pacing about the house excited for no reason. It was then that I called Ema to see if she was awake. She was! Wide awake by the sounds of it. Her kids were asleep also, so I slid out of bed and checked on Taelor. He was out like a light.

I went downstairs, checked all the doors, double locked them. Checked the stove to make sure it was off. I checked the windows, enabled the alarms and security camera app on my phone, grabbed my keys and the pie then slipped out to Ema’s for a few minutes. She lives so near, so although I was a bit worried leaving Taelor home alone, I knew I wasn’t too far away. Besides, with the app, I could check and see if he was still asleep or not. Not to mention, I’d get texts whenever there was anything that triggered the motion sensors. He’ll be okay!

When I arrived, Korageth was home too. I was so excited to see them both.

Ema went off to make some coffee and cut the pie into slices while I sat on the sofa chatting with them. At the time, it was still a big secret that Isaac had a birthday surprise coming. We talked all about that, each of us planning our part to help Ema. It was going to be the party of the year for the very well deserved little boy blue. 🙂

We talked, ate, drank, laughed and after all that came and went, I was finally feeling ready for bed. Korageth saw me to the door. <giggles>

My drive home was smooth and event free, at least until I got to the draw bridge. I waited a while for the ship to pass and in that short time I kinda nodded off.

I finally did get home, safe and sound. After checking on Taelor to see he was still sweetly sound asleep, I climbed into bed and was out like a light in no time.

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