Cool Card, New Friends and Celebrity Spotting

What a day I had today!!! Talk about awesome.

As I was minding my own business, the mail man turned up with a small box that I had to sign for in his little machine. Soon as I did, he handed over the box to me. When I opened it up, I SQUEEALLLEEDD!!!

It was a Christmas card on a stand from Red Jedda and her new fancy schmancy angry backed boyfriend, Billy Slim. What a cute cute picture too! I quickly put it up on our mantle and whipped out my phone to take a selfie with it.

As I was taking a photo, my door knocked again. Boy oh Boy…”when did I get so popular”, I thought to myself as I headed over to the door and looked through the glass. There was a strange looking man there. I stepped back right away – scared.

I’d never seen him before and he was talking funny, asking if I lived there…begging to be let in. He made a wise crack about zombies and the apocalypse. Ordinarily I might have laughed, but coming from a stranger I just thought he was crazy and a big danger. So I called the police right away.

While the police was making their way, he decided to cut his weirdness and come clean. Turns out he was new to town ((new to SL, noob alert :P)) and liked what he’d seen of the house ((and my profile)). It was evident that he was in need of a friend, so I decided to open up a bit and let him in, especially since Taelor wasn’t home.

His name is Bastian and he’s a pretty interesting fella. Eccentric and complicated, yes, but not really a danger. I think. We made friends and soon began talking for hours. I even played the piano for him. He was pretty impressed about that and soon he was getting the tour he’d requested.

As we were in the back garden, suddenly the gate swung open and an elderly woman began walking slowly through the garden towards us. I became instantaneously nervous. What on earth was happening today with all these random guests? She was an old lady, so I knew she wasn’t a danger to us. Still, I wanted answers, so as I walked towards her, the shock set in!!! I’d seen this face before.

In our town, there are very significant contributors, one being the famous city planner responsible for all the roads and cool features of our town. I’d seen a picture once, but never thought that in the flesh would be stood the infamous Governance6 Linden right here in my back yard! I felt so honored that she wanted to visit our humble home for whatever reason.

Bastian was pretty excited too. He’d heard of the Lindens and never thought that in his first few weeks would be lucky enough to meet one. Certainly not one as elusive and grumpy-looking as good ol’ Govnah. It was a big day for him too.

Governance6 was really nice and even welcomed us taking pictures with her. She didn’t stay too long. She mentioned being late for Bingo, so we didn’t keep her.

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty great day. ❤

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