Isaac helps Taelor and I decorate our tree

The recital was fun, but exhausting. Still, there was a mission at hand. Operation “Finish decorating the Christmas Tree”, and Isaac was reporting for duty.

When we all got home, it was time to change out of costumes into something comfortable. Taelor gave me that sad pouty face. He didn’t want to come out of his pretty glistening sparkly dress. So after much ado with warning him about ruining his dress, he promised he’d be careful so I let him stay in it to dress the tree. He’s probably the best dressed tree decorator that ever lived.

While the kids got started with hanging the rest of the ornaments, I ran up to change. As I was changing I heard Ms Ema swing by with flowers for Taelor. I was upstairs yelling down my “hello”s and asking if it was alright that Isaac stay for a while on the promise that I’d bring him home later. I agreed, happily.

By the time I got down, she’d left. The kids had made some excellent head way with decorating. I joined in the fun.

There were so many ornaments and so many short limbs in the room. They did a great job, but it was getting dark and Taelor’s bed time was here again. I sent him up to get washed up for bed, while Isaac and I reached a stopping point with the decorating.

By the time he got down, most of the ornaments had been packed away for continuing later. We did take a moment to take a picture together.

Our tree is certainly looking happier with all the tender love and care it’s getting.

Taelor said good night to Isaac, then I went up to tuck him into bed after saying our prayers.

When I came down, Isaac was still beaming with energy. Alas, it was time to go home. He had scouts in an hour and I promised his mommy I wouldn’t keep him late. So I wrapped his scarf right back around his neck and he put his jacket back on before heading to the car with me.

The drive was somewhat smooth ((lag tried to win))! We got home to see his mommy cuddling with his brother, Benji. ❤ I didn’t stay long at all. After my hellos, I informed them about going out of town for Christmas ((in RL)). It was then that they offered to keep Taelor. They were very excited about getting him to stay with them that it took such a load off my chest. I’d worried about him having to be alone. After that short chat, it was decided.

I drove home with a big grin on my face as I had just had a prayer answered. Only God knew. I’m just so blessed. What good friends. *beaming*

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