Taelor and I at the Christmas Ballet Recital

From the Bay City Tree Lighting event, I raced us to the venue of the Ballet recital. People had already began to arrive as we bustled about back stage getting clothes hung and ready. I even spotted Taelor’s buddy, Isaac, in the crowd too when I looked through the curtains.

Beaming, I changed and helped Taelor into his first costume. All the costumes were fun and the songs that went along were too.

Soon the curtain was up and the show began. My baby, the unicorn, was out there doing his thing, dancing as good as the rest of them. I was so proud. And looking at how happy he was really made me happy!

Dance I

Dance II

Dance III

The parents didn’t get to dance with the kids until it was time to do that last two dances.

Dance IV

Dance V

At the end of the performance, I made my way to Taelor to give him a big hug. I’d watched him the whole time. He’d been doing great, remembering his positions and movements, but ultimately, he’d been having FUN! I gave him a huge hug before we went into the crowd to greet the guests.

Isaac was so cute in his neat looking scarf. He seemed to have had fun watching the show. Taelor gave him a hug then went off to give hugs to Ms. Tati. We were due to head home to finish our tree.

That was when I asked Isaac if he was busy after the show and whether or not he’d like to come home with us. He quickly answered “YES”, much to Taelor’s delight.

Soon they were both in the car. Destination: Home!

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