Taelor and I go to the Bay City Tree Lighting 2015

Finally, the day has come for the great Tree Lighting at the Bay City Fairgrounds. It’s been such a huge event in the works by the Bay City Alliance. I was glad I could contribute in a tiny way towards it. For that reason, among others (like being Miss Bay City and a huge lover of Bay City in and of itself), I decided to make sure Taelor and I would attend.

Unfortunately, our day would be very tightly wound as we had a Ballet Recital at 3 pm. We’d practiced for weeks to be in the recital, so missing it was out of the question.

Once we got up, I helped him get all his costumes ready for Ballet. I also pulled his hair up into a bun to look neat and formal to go along nicely with all his ballet dances, and one of the formal costumes he had that he just loved. It was green with a lot of sparkles in it.

After we sorted his costumes, I packed it into a big bag while he got dressed to go with me to the fairgrounds to bid on some things as well as to show support to the awesome musicians who had come to play.

With my satchel and tiara on, I decided we’d also go in the car given to me as Miss Bay City. I must admit, I felt a bit too showy, but after googling what others in my shoes would do in the real world, I realized I would be slightly out of line not to dress and arrive recognizably. I shuddered when I found that out, but soon got over it. This was serious business.

Off we went, down the road, then down Route 66…

We drove for a while but finally arrived to meet a massive crowd of happy faces. Some ice skating by the tree. Some bidding on some really neat one of a kind products. Some gathered around the stage, dancing to the concert music. It was lively, and awesome!

Taelor spotted Mari and quickly hugged her before getting lost in dance. It took a while for me to pull him away from the music. The DJ was pretty awesome.

Fortunately, we were able to stay long enough to see the tree get lit, but once that was done we had to make our way to the Little Toes Dance Studio venue for the Ballet Recital.

The Tree Lighting event was a success. A lot of money was raised for Child’s Play – a RL charity. It’s nice to see how we can reach out in the lives of others in RL from within something the world discounts as “just a game”. Powerful stuff! 🙂

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