Baby meets Beau

Last week, I told my beau about how sad I was leaving Taelor over the Christmas season to travel to see my RL mother. I shared how much I wish I didn’t feel like I was having to choose, but how relieved I was about the Winterfells offering to take him.

Jacob, my beau, was happy too. He echoed Taelor’s sentiment about how it was right for me to go. But still, one feels what one feels. He then offered to look in on Taelor from time to time with his sisters Red and Terr.

Well, I love the Jeddas and although I know they are safe and would take great care of Taelor, but Jacob simply hadn’t met him yet. Knowing my son, as much as he’d be obedient, I knew he’d be in great panic over spending time with a stranger.

My beau understood, naturally (cause he’s awesome), and suggested fixing that right away. Immediately, he offered to make a date with us so he could finally meet my precious butterfly baby, Taelor. He didn’t tell me exactly what would be doing and where we’d be going, but he did promise there’d be chocolate at the end of it. An excellent idea to win Taelor to his side for sure.

Finally the day was here – today!

I’d told Taelor yesterday that we’d be going out with my friend, Jacob. Taelor quickly asked “Mommy, is that your beau?”. I burst into laughter. I guess he was more familiar with him than I realized. It set me at ease, especially when he showed a real interest in meeting this beau of mine.

Getting dressed was swift. I did tell Taelor it’d be nippy today and there was talk of snow even. So he begrudgingly had to wear a coat. He was digging that out of his closet when the door bell rang.

I went down to answer and there he was…m’beau! In all his beauish glory. *giggling*

Taelor and Jacob introduced themselves and there wasn’t any panic registered as I observed my son. This is always a good sign, so we proceeded to Jake’s fancy schmancy car to get going on our trip.

As we were loading up, my beau decided that a new car would be in order. A car he would let Taelor pick himself. Excited, we rushed down the street to the dealership to get one. It was already starting to snow too.

Taelor eventually settled on a cute Volkswagen Beetle.

After a few minutes, we were in Handa. The snow was coming down a bit more now. It looked so pretty though!

We went up to a cute little cart that had fresh coffee and lots of Christmas treats. I got a coffee, Taelor got a hot chocolate and a cookie too. We stood, munched for a while and chatted together about other adventures we could go on together. My beau is very well versed with the town and near by cities. He offered to be our guide. I really look forward to that.

Bed time was upon us now. Taelor and I made our way home, leaving my beau behind for the night.

We said our prayers, filled with thanks for such a wonderful day and experience. As Taelor shut his eyes, he was smiling. I think he had a pretty good day indeed.

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