Taelor crowns our tree with a star

It’s not surprising that even our tree is royal, after all I’m a princess and so is Taelor. Therefore, it makes sense that our tree, which was once abandoned and decrepit looking, now stands tall and proud – beautiful! A crown on its head is all that was left.

So this morning, Taelor and I got ourselves ready to finish up the tree. There wasn’t much left. Just a few bits and bobs here and there. A few pictures needed to be inserted into the frame ornaments, and a few more elfs needed to be strung up on the tree. Other than that, all that was left was the tree’s crowning glory – the star.

I let Taelor pick out his favorite from the bunch we had. His choice was secretly mine too, so I was happy! However, to be honest, I’d have been happy with whatever he would have picked. I just love sharing this memory with him. To be able to say “That’s the star my son picked”, definitely does my heart good.

After our good morning huggies, we went on down and began doing what was left.

Then finally! Time for the best bit. Taelor took hold of the star in his tiny grip, and stared up at the tree. It’s really a lot bigger than he is, so it went without saying that he was going to need more than a little boost. I hoisted Taelor up on my shoulder and kept him steady.

He did a great job leaning and getting the star up to the top of the tree and securing it there. All by himself.

The star was up. The tree was crowned. Christmas can now come!

Well, a few more bed times and lots of gifts to be sorted first. But you get my drift!

One thought on “Taelor crowns our tree with a star

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