Isaac’s Surprise Birthday

Ema sent the alarm out via text message. It was time! So Taelor and I left in a hurry and got to the AMAZING venue that she’d slaved over to create the world of Dr Who. Isaac is a huge fan of the show, so Ema (along with the help of some friends and family) managed to get such an amazing venue erected just for party.

It was an extravaganza.

There was a maze. A derby. A dance hall. Paint balling. And most importantly, cake!!

We all gathered and waited for Isaac to figure out how to get there. His mom had sent him on a scavenger hunt with clues all leading to the venue. While he was undoubtedly trying to make his way, we all danced to some really fun tunes. The dj was adorable and all of Isaac’s friends were nice. I noticed a few familiar faces too.

After a while, Ema announced that he was almost there. And so he was….

“SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEEE!” We all screamed it as we broke into the Birthday Song and lots of dancing. Isaac seemed to handle the shock very well. He was simply just so adorable as he made his way through the crowd, hugging and thanking everyone.

After dancing for a while, Taelor and I went to check out the maze. Kelvin tagged along…

Then, we went back to the dance floor and danced some more before we all got to have cake. I’ll confess that I had two pieces of cake! Yes, two!

Once we had eaten up some cake, it was time for some serious shooting fun. We split up our teams. Taelor, Isaac, Kelvin and one of Isaac’s other cute little friends were on my team. I think his name was Christopher? Anyway, he was fun and we had a blast, even if we lost.

After that, I snuck away with Taelor to get him in bed. It was really late and he’d done his best staying up later than usual.

Suddenly, it was solemn again, but I did my best keeping my brave face on. Taelor went and got washed up and soon we were back in his room. I just didn’t want to leave him! 😦

After prayers, I tucked him in snuggly. I couldn’t believe that I’d not get to see his sweet face for so long. I stopped myself from crying. Definitely not in front of him at this time. I was going to be strong, and thank God, I was.

I kissed him goodnight and prayed for him in my heart. Next time he sees me, it’d be Christmas for us – our very own special Christmas. Can’t wait.

One thought on “Isaac’s Surprise Birthday

  1. I’m so glad we’d got to go to Isaac’s party. Even though I knew I wasn’t gonna be seein’ ya for a while, I was still able to have fun. I think knowin’ I wasn’t gonna be able to see ya for a while made the time I was able to see ya feel more special. 🙂


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