Taelor and I face the day

Today was a bitter sweet day. It’s been a few days since I knew I’d be out of town ((in RL)) for Christmas. The Winterfell’s had offered to keep Taelor for me. Isaac Winterfell is one of Tae’s buddies, so I knew if for no other reason he’d enjoy spending more time with his friend.

Even though I’d told Taelor this, I had a feeling he’d lost track of the day that would be our “last” for the season. I hadn’t drilled it in on purpose, after all, it was sad for me too.

Today was that day. It was also Isaac’s birthday. Honestly, I thought it fell on a good day. We both could use the distraction.

Taelor was pretty excited about Isaac’s birthday too. He’d woken up early to finish the gift he’d made for him. He’d also used his computer to make some neat patterns that he printed and would use for wrapping paper. When I walked into his room, he had been hard at it.

I stood for a while watching him. He was like a little elf! It felt so good hugging him after. He makes me so proud!

Once he was done, we sat down to find a present we could say was from both of us. Besides the gift he’d made especially for him, I wanted something that could be from us. Fortunately, Ema, Isaac’s mom, had given me a hint of a few things Isaac really wanted. So Taelor and I hung about on his computer looking for the items.

Soon, they were ordered and then it was time! Time to pack. My intention was to head over to the Winterfell’s before the party. That way, I could get Taelor settled in and comfortable. So once the party was over, I’d get to ease him into sleep in the new space.

When I told Taelor it was time to pack, it was as though it hit him suddenly that I really was going to not be there. He poked his bottom lip out and looked so so sad. It broke my heart. I was hurting so bad too, but needed to comfort him right away. Being the adventurers we pride ourselves as being, I hugged him so so tight and did my best to assure him that his time away would be so much fun if he wanted it to be.

It was hard. I knew he’d be brave even if he was sad. I suppose that’s normal. He did his best packing up his things. I let him take his birds along too. A bit of familiarity goes a long way. I also took the snow globe of the two of us that I’d gotten from him for Christmas in 2014. I felt a bit of us here and there would help him not feel so sad. Also, Ms Ema had been so kind as to ask me for some pictures of Taelor and I. She wanted to put them in the room he’d be staying.

After the bags were packed and his new coat was on, we headed to the car for the drive.

It’s a good thing he had his coat on, because the weather began to change as we drove. Suddenly it was snowing. Lightly but still, snow.

We arrived and were met by Ema, Benji and their family friend. Isaac was out solving a mystery. His surprise birthday party was in less than an hour away and he had no idea that the little mysteries he was being sent on where his mom’s way of luring him to the party for the surprise.

Ema showed Taelor and I around the house, starting with the guestroom she had set up for him. It was really really sweet and comfortable. Lots of yellow! 😀

Isaac turned up then to help show the rest of the house. It was funny talking to him while knowing how oblivious he was to the fact that he was the only one in the room who had no idea of the events to come. Surprise parties are the best!

Once the tour was done, I went back to the room to help place the globe and his birds in the right spots for light. Taelor had on his brave face. Thankfully, a good distraction was upon us. It was time to leave to go to the party. So we left our sorrows behind us and put on our party hats – figuratively.

3 thoughts on “Taelor and I face the day

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  2. Saayin’ g’bye can be hard, even when ya know somebody’s only gonna be gone for a while. I think that’s why God invented hellos. That way, we get somethin’ special to look forward to after we say g’bye.


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