Home and Christmas at Last

It had been weeks since I had seen Taelor, and although I was enjoying every minute of my time in Nigeria with my family, there was a part of me that certainly pined to be home.

I sent him a postcard for every of our day that we were apart. 12 days in total. 12 days of Christmas. 12…12….12….Theme, anyone?

My flight arrived at the Bay City Municipal airport and I waited patiently. I had written Ema a week ago, asking if someone could get me. As I landed and my phone roared back to life with an influx of text messages, I noted that Korageth would be the one to collect me from the airport. So instead of getting a cab, I waited.

I wondered about the airport from the newspaper shop, to the bar and cafe, to the food court, to the fancy powder room. I did all this before settling down in the lobby and waiting.

In no time, I had nodded off. When I was on the upswing of my little nap, my eyes popped open and there they were. I spotted Isaac’s blue hair first. Then low and behold, the love of my life, my son! It was Taelor!

He was in a pretty dress! I stood up and in no time he ran over. GOSH! I’m welling up just retelling it. I didn’t realize just how much I’d missed him till that very moment. I squeezed him and for a moment it was like my breath was finally being restored to me. He smelled like himself. He looked like himself. He sounded like himself. He was alright. They’d taken care of my precious little boy and he was happy, safe and sound. Thank you God!

I hugged Isaac next. He’s such a good lad. It was great to see him too.

Together we strolled out of the airport. They helped me with the smaller bags to the car where Korageth was waiting for us. It was so so good seeing him! I had missed him too. Korageth is such a special friend to me. I really can’t express just how fond I am of him. I’ll say no more, but yeah…there he was.

We got in his car and he drove us home.

The drive was pleasant. When we got in, he helped take my things upstairs. Then I made some coffee for him and hot chocolate for the boys. There’s nothing like a yummy hot drink over a simple reunion of family and friends.

After catching up a little bit on my trip, we decided it was CHRISTMAS time!!!

Having been away for Christmas, I promised Taelor that we’d have ours on my return, so we rushed to the tree and started opening our gifts.

Taelor gave his present to Isaac. It was the cutest, smiling snow cloud. A super fun gift. Korageth got his next, but both of them needed to rush off to take care of some important things.

After they left, Taelor and I kept on playing and dancing and opening presents and laughing. He had bought me an outfit that matched his perfectly. I LOVE it! I wore it right away, and it fit me perfectly.

After that, I let Taelor open some of the other smaller presents. He got a cute little hat, a cute bunny backpack, a sleeping tent for slumber parties and a song book.

He sang for me out of his song book. It was so cute!

After that, he told me he had another gift for me but wanted me to go to the piano for it. So I did. I sat down, and braced myself.

Soon he was playing and singing. My heart sank then lit up all at the same time as I heard his sweet little voice. I’d like to say that I didn’t cry, but it’d be a lie. I sobbed! It was the sweetest thing ever. The song and the lyrics of it. The most special gift ever. It made me sad that I wasn’t there on Christmas day, but I’m glad I could be there for OUR own Christmas.


After he was done, and I managed to hug away all the tears. Laughter and joy was truly all that was left. He’s just so special. Gosh!!!!! ❤

It was finally my turn again….

I handed him a big box with 12 new dresses. 12 was a theme I had going this year. While I was away, I’d written him 12 postcards for the 12 days of Christmas. And now 12 dresses for him. With 12 new shoes and socks to go with it.

He seemed so happy and even tried one on for me to see that it fit. Fit, it did! ❤

Then I let him open his last present. In it was a brand new Pinky doll with 12 new set of clothes – dresses. Matching dresses with his…!

Boy! Success! He loved it and I couldn’t be more pleased. I know he loves his Pinky boy doll, and has wanted for a long time for him to wear dresses like he does. Now he got his Christmas wish. 😀

After all that excitement, it was bed time. As much as I wanted to stay up to cuddle and stare at him, my little butterfly needed his sleep like all growing boys do. So after getting changed – him and his Pinky doll – we said bed time prayers.

In no time, he was fast asleep. Peaceful and precious. Feels so good to be home at our Christmas. ❤

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