At the Hairdressers with Ema

Since I got back into town, I’d not managed to catch Ema for a chat. So we decided we’d meet in town sometime in the week to hang out and catch up. I suggested we both get our hair done at the new salon, so here we were.

It was the day of. Ema called to say that Kit would be joining us – which was absolutely fine. So, 15 minutes before we were due to meet, I got in the car and headed over. The drive was that long, but I always enjoy the ride down Route 66.

I arrived and parked. Soon behind was Ema and Kit. They parked and we all went inside.

Kit decided that she wouldn’t do anything to her hair, so it was just Ema and I that got attended to by the lovely (imaginary) salon folks.

They took my braids out and combed out my hair. It’s been months and months of braids for me. It felt incredible getting the weight off and running my fingers through my hair again.

She washed my hair, trimmed the tips and soon I was under the dryer.

Ema decided she would get a cut and a change of color to her hair. I think she looked pretty amazing afterwards.

They further cut and combed the curls in my hair into a bob, and I loved it. Simple and light.

We finished really near Ema’s work start time, so I offered to drive Kit home instead. That way she could just head directly to work without worrying about Kit.

So off we went, Kit and I. It wasn’t a long drive and soon Kit was safe and sound at home.


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