Siddy, Presents and More Presents

What a day! Siddy called me on the phone as we were getting ready to go to Taelor’s ballet class. He said he was going to be visiting at the ballet studio also, so we would meet there. Hurray!

We got to class, and Taelor joined his group right away to dance while Siddy and I stood by the side watching.

Class didn’t last too long. After it, we headed back to our house to swap gifts with Siddy.

He gave us the most awesome presents. It is a wonder how his little pocket money stretched so far. What a generous little tyke.

We had a great time giving him his presents too. He really is such a sweetie. We love him dearly.

After swapping presents, Siddy had to go home. So Taelor and I went on to the Winterfell’s to give them their parents.

We got there and found Ema knitting in the living room while watching TV. The kids were asleep, but we sat for a bit to watch TV with her and had over her present. We also left the kids presents in their rooms.

After a while of watching TV with her, Taelor dozed off. He was purring away on the couch, so I picked him up and headed home for bed time.

Once he was changed and washed up, I sat with him for a while and soon he was fast asleep.

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