A flower boy is born

Adam came to visit us with Natalie and his family today. We’d not seen each other in ages and we were eager to give him his Christmas present.

Adam and Natalie had just gotten engaged and we were meeting her for the very first time. It was positive. She came across very nicely – warm, humanitarian, family oriented, kind, fun…all the things I’d want for my brother. Let’s not forget, she is also drop dead gorgeous!

I immediately took to her and it didn’t take too long for me to volunteer to help however I could with the wedding.

The visit was so lovely. Short but lovely.

From greeting them at the door, we went on to spend time hanging out and talking about how they’d met and the upcoming wedding; Taelor showed his new dress and dolly’s dress; and, we took a drive to Handa to show our doll shop.

All in all, it was a fun day at the end of which, Adam asked Taelor how he felt about being a flower boy in their wedding.

Thus, the excitement was born!

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