Lunch with the Jamesons after Taelor gets a Bob

After blow drying Taelor’s hair last night, I went to sleep thinking about his hair. Yes! Mothers go to sleep thinking about anything from the color of their child’s stool to the best ways to disguise broccoli for consumption.

It has been a while since it was done professionally. Other than it being a treat for Taelor, I considered it a grooming necessity to have his hair professionally attended to from time to time.

I decided that today would be that day! Then perhaps afterwards, we’d get to make it to have lunch with our family, the Jamesons.

Got my morning hugs after I met Taelor on our front porch after my stroll down the street to get some bagels. He was already dressed up and ready for the day.

We hopped into the car and off we went into town to the hair dressers in Docklands.

There was a parking spot right next to the law firm beside the parade of shops with the salon, so I pulled up and parked.

As we walked, I braced myself knowing we would walk by the pet shop. I recalled the puppies in the window and knew that’d totally tickle Taelor’s cuteness bone. It did.

Moments later as we walked across, there was a squeal and then 9 year old finger prints on the window of the pet shop as he looked at the puppies and cooing over how cute they were.

There was a little time before his hair appointment, so we went in to look around. I bought some fish food for spot while we were in there.

After gazing at the different animals in there, I nudged us free from the pet shop world and on to the salon beside it.

Walking in, you could smell a good mix of different hair sprays. Madonna’s “Dress You Up” was playing on the radio. The feel was very cool. Vintage but somehow still quite current. Well, current enough for us.

His hair dresser was already ready and waiting, but took a moment to show us the different perms and colors they carried. It was impressive.

Thing with hair dressers is that they often get excited about ‘the potential’ and could easily go off on a hair dressing spree if you don’t lay down the boundaries – clearly and firmly.

“No chemicals! No coloring!”, I said firmly, but with a smile. She knew I wasn’t kidding too when I followed up with “He is 9. I’d like him to still have hair when he’s 30. So, shall we just keep it simple. A wash and set. Perhaps a trimming of split ends, and maybe the most natural conditioning you have?”. She perked up at the end. I suppose any promise of a few more dollars is enough to cheer anyone up.

I helped Taelor into the chair and hovered about talking to him, but watching her closely. He was excited. He loves getting his hair done. The twirly chair got twirled as often as he could get away with it. It was always nice to see him light up this way.

She washed his hair then applied a generous amount of conditioner and something else to coat and protect his hair. It made more sense when she explained.

After applying it, she put him under the hair dryer with a shower cap on. We had to stuff many pillows under him so his head would reach the dryer.

After several minutes, she came to get him and revealed his warm, soft hair with new shine. She combed through and began cutting the tips of his hair to get rid of the split ends. I was sure to be talking to Taelor during this time, cause I really didn’t want him to panic at the sight of his hair being cut. A trim and a cut, very different but not necessarily in the eyes of a 9 year old who is passionate about never cutting his hair.

Thankfully the split end trimming didn’t take long and Taelor’s attention had been successfully diverted during that time.

“How would you like it styled?”, she asked Taelor, who looked at me then her and said “Like mommy’s.” ❤

Too adorable!! Right?

So the hair dresser got to splicing and putting his hair in rollers, before returning him under the dryer again. I followed, sat with him and read while we waited for his hair to dry.

Once dry, she came to get him again, returning to the dresser where she had different combs laid out meticulously. She began taking the curlers out and once all out, she combed his hair carefully, retaining the curls where she wanted until the end result. Voila – A Bob! Just like mine 🙂

Taelor squealed happily as he admired his hair. I grinned too, and tipped the lady to reflect my joy.


As we left the salon, I checked my watch to see if we had enough time to swing by the Jamesons to attend the lunch we were invited for earlier. I knew we’d probably only make it for desert by this hour, but turning up was better than not. So off we went.

We arrived in time to order, and sat down on the last two seats remaining. Perfect!

Looking across the table was overwhelming. The number of people, happy – FRIENDLY – faces staring back at us. It was so good to learn that these people were family to us, through my brother Adam. I can’t tell you who was there exactly. I remember Adam’s mom (who was pretending to be Jesus), Natalie (Adam’s fiance), Adam’s cheeky teenage son, Damien, who kept poking me (:D), Adam’s little daughter Kenzie, Adam’s teenage daughter Roshambo, and several other people that (forgive me), I cannot recall. It was so much to take in, but good stuff.

We ordered. Taelor asked for a hamburger and grape soda. I had a hamburger with a glass of wine. It was all really nice eating with talks across the table. Such a nice gathering, and with everything nice that we’re enjoying, time runs quickly!

Bed time was looming, so we said our goodbyes and slipped off missing desert. Taelor was already asleep as I carried him and headed home.

All in all it was a fantastic day, and didn’t take long for Taelor to fall back asleep in his bed.


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