Adam and Natalie get married

Hurray! It’s the big day.

I took the concord in that morning to attend the wedding. Taelor managed to get himself ready. Natalie and Adam have been great making sure he was sorted for the wedding, so when I got out from the airport all I needed to do was head straight to the wedding venue.

When I arrived, an usher told me where to sit. There were some pretty amazing looking guests waiting also.

The music was befitting for the aesthetic ambiance of the place – heavenly!

As I sat, it was easy to float away in my head. With Valentine’s day around the corner, love was in the air – literally.

My day dreaming was interrupted when the music changed and I saw my brother, Adam (the groom) make his way to the front to join the officiant, his mother. Soon, one after the other, the bridesmaids and groomsmen walked down the aisle and lined up on stage.

Following them were the little flower girls, followed by my pride and joy, Taelor – the flower boy! He looked so perfect, and he was clearly so happy as he sprinkled rose petals on the aisle to usher the bride!

His grin lit up the stage for me, especially when he saw that I had made it. There I was waving at him and him waving back. I was so proud!

Once Natalie had made her way down the aisle, we all got to see just how magnificent her dress was on her. It fit perfectly and was truly a work of art. She was happy, and my brother looked like he was going to fly if he was any happier. He touched her cheek and soon they began their vows.

The wedding went by quickly, but it was truly special.

Once the ceremony ended and Mr and Mrs Jameson made their way up the aisle towards the reception hall, I pushed through the crowd to find me son.

Oh my heart! How could someone so little make my heart stop and start again? There he was, in his pretty pink dress, pushing through to find me too. I squeezed him so tight! I just could hardly believe I got to see him again in the middle of my travels.

He didn’t grow much, but he looked sophisticated and that did wonders for making him look a tad different. Good different!

I walked with him to the reception where we danced a little bit.

Night time came quickly, so we headed on back to the Winterfell’s, where Taelor is staying while I’m away on my travels.

We got in while everyone was already fast asleep (except Benji who was sleep walking – LOL). Taelor got washed up and soon we were knelt together saying our prayers. I had time before the last flight, so I stayed to tuck him in and watch over him for a while after he’d fallen asleep.

Gutt-wrenching pain! That’s all I can say that nearly describes the pain of having to leave him behind. I’ll see him in a few weeks, that’s for sure. And yet, the wine on board the plane was the only thing that helped drive that fact deep into my brain while numbing the pain. Good ol’ wine!


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