Happy Birthday to Me

Finally! I am homeeeee!!!

I’d snuck in while Taelor was asleep last night. Took a lot not to wake him up, but morning came eventually!

I awoke, dressed and went to his room. There he was! My butterfly!!!

My chest still hurts. It was as though my heart grew 10 times by seeing him again. Hugged him so tight!! I can’t explain it. All I know is that no parent should be without their child. It’s hell!

As if seeing him wasn’t gift enough, he handed me a poster he’d made for me and also a box that he’d wrapped himself with paper he’d decorated himself!!! Incredible!

Inside were 3 smaller boxes. One was a box with earrings. Then the other a box with a matching ring. Then the last was a box with a matching necklace. All of them had a matching rose!

Love them all, but not nearly as much as the gift of him.

Even though my birthday was 2 weeks ago, I’m so glad I get to share a moment of it, in arrears, with him.

Really and truly, a Happy Birthday to me! ❤

Afterwards, we spent the day at home together looking at all the new things he got from me. I really shouldn’t, but love spoiling him with presents. I guess that’s one of the perks of being an only child. He’s a good boy though. Not bratty or demanding. He deserves all the treats he gets.

Bed time came in no time. After he got washed up and we prayed, it felt so good getting to tuck him into bed again. He sleeps so sweetly.

I’m so happy to be home! ❤


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