Time for Christmas Crackers

The door bell rang and I heard someone step off the porch and walk away. I assumed it was the post man, and I was right.

I had just finished getting dressed anyway, so I went down to find a cactus on the stoop along with a note that read “From Plato”. My awesome friend (and SUPER talented creator – owner of %Percent), Plato Novo, sent me yet another of her new creations from her store. She’s been a really dear friend and the one who gave me the push to make my doll store. She also was a great supporter of the orphanage when we had it. All in all a good gal, but beyond that she is an amazing creator. And I’m REALLY not just saying that because she gives me stuff for free!  HAHAHA!  ((I don’t really like to plug merchandise cause I’m not that type of blog, but you really should check her stuff out. Originality, realism and animations like you wouldn’t believe!))

Anyway, it was heavy and dangerous! (Hahaha) Ever tried logging about a big cactus before? Yeah! Very prickly! But I was too excited to find a place for it in our home, I needed to do it now.

As I dragged it off the porch, I heard the front door open and there was my butterfly, fresh from sleep and still in his PJs. I scooped him up and kissed his cute little sleepy face. He was curious about what I was doing, so I explained. He seemed amused that we had a cactus with flowers on it.

After explaining who gave it to us and we’d agreed on where in our home it should live, I sent him upstairs to change while I dragged the cactus to the shed and hoisted it up on the shelf! I got a few scratches but it was worth it. Now we just have to find the right pictures to stick on it.

When I was done with that, I headed back to the house to figure out what we could have for breakfast. Soon Taelor was in the kitchen too, wearing one of his favorite dresses with the frills. In no time, he decided he wanted the Berry Princess cereal I had just bought, so I grabbed some milk and off we went to sit at the table.

Just as we’d settled down, the door bell rang. Again. About 100 times this time. It was SIDNEY! Hurrayyy! We love Sidney (Uncle Sidney to Taelor), and sadly we don’t get to see him often so it was a real treat for him to be here. He looked great. Spiffy. Like he’d been working out. 😀

After all the hugging, we invited him to join us at the table.

We chatted while Taelor ate his cereal and played with the toy that came in the cereal box. It was a pretty cute magic wand.

After he was done eating, we opened up the Christmas Crackers that had gone unopened since Christmas. We all got crowns, but in addition I got a picture frame; Sidney got a ring; and, Taelor got crayons, a whistle and a spinner. It was pretty cool!

We hung out for a while, but soon night time was upon us. After Sidney left to go home, Taelor went up to get ready for bed time.

Once he was done, I scooped him up and gave him warm snuggly hugs! I just love my Taelor hugs. 😀

We then said our prayers together before I tucked him in for the night.

Another lovely end to another lovely day. 🙂

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