Camping at The Mill

While I was out of town, my brother (Shakespeare) and his beautiful wife finished the project of constructing their new home – The Mill.

They’d invited us to come visit, so finally this weekend I had the time to do just that.

While Taelor was asleep, I packed our things for an overnight stay. They promised we could camp overnight, and I just knew that Taelor would love that. So I dug up his bumble bee sleeping bag and a few things for the night. We would go straight to the mill after our trip to the pet store to drop off some stray cats that had wondered into our compound.

Taelor woke up finally!! YAY!

I hugged him then sent him to get dressed up, but not before he commented on my crown earphone that he liked.

Soon as he was dressed, I presented him with his own too. I’d gotten us matching crown earphones and a few other things. He also got a cute little peach shaped purse. He loved it!

Once we were done, I stuffed the second of the 2 stray cats into a backpack and hoisted it on his back before we headed out to the segway to go leave them at the pet store.

It was fun zipping down the road in the segway, but sadly the battery died so we had to call the taxi to go the rest of the way and to The Mill.

We arrived to meet Shakes and Maxie waiting for us. How cool. I know many people who have made their way to the place, but really how many get a chance for a special tour by the creators? I tell you, we’re a lucky pair.

Shakespeare absolutely loves Taelor. He’s like the best Uncle really. He’s always excited to hear what Taelor has to say and cracks up a lot cause Taelor does say the funniest things. It’s a joy to watch, and I feel so happy that they have this bond.

I took Taelor’s hat and crown from him so he could be free to roam without incident. Roam he did!

They led us first to see the chickens and ducks. They were so cute. Taelor went from the ducks to the roaster to peak inside the coup to say hello to the hen that was asleep inside. It was adorable.

Let me just say that this place was fantastic. It was peaceful! That was the most significant thing I felt. PEACE! Tranquility and beauty. Every detail went a long way in making the sim absolutely perfect. A true escape!

They took us to on into the woods where we met their owl.

Then we went on to meet their woodpecker who had carved their initials. So so cool!

We then took a break to swing together for a while.

Shakespeare took us to see some of his “art”. He’s been taking a shot at doing some graffitti. LOL Not bad though, not bad at all. Taelor really liked it too.

After a while, we headed to the garden where we saw a cute little mouse that was a gardener, then Shakes put me to work on his cabbage patch. LOL

After sweating for a while, we headed up the mountain to the light house. It was amazing. Very windy up there, but the view made it worth it. Taelor held my hand tightly, but even so he was really brave to have gone up there. He’s not a fan of heights, but earlier we’d had a talk about putting on his brave pants and he did just that.

We didn’t take long up in the tower. Soon we were back down and headed towards the zipliner.

Shakes had talked Taelor up into being brave enough to do the zipliner. He went first to wait, then soon after Taelor slid down after him. I was next, and landed to find him giggling happily saying how much fun it was! 😀

We went over to the beach next to play monopoly then volley ball, before heading to the boardwalk to get some ice cream. He wanted one with chocolate in it.

There was a rocking horse there too, so I slipped a few quarters into it after placing Taelor on it. The machine roared to life and soon Taelor was racing on the spot, squealing the entire time. Hahaha It was so fun watching him so happy.

After that, we headed towards the horses that were grazing in the field, but had to run through a field of flowers to get there. We ran around playing. It was so much fun. But then, Taelor decided to hide. He was little enough to not be seen either. Then like jack in the box, he popped up out of the blue. HAHAHAHA. He’s cute.

We made our way to the edge of the field and climbed over the fence to get back on the path and headed towards the Mill. Along the way, we stopped to play with their dog, Sybil, and her puppies. Taelor even got to play with some butterflies.

Shakespeare and Maxie told us the story about how they met – at a mill. Their romantic courtship was centered around the mill that they had met. Having a mill of their own is truly very special and relevant to them, particularly as the mill they met at is no more.

It is clear just how special this place is for them, and based on the ambiance alone, it’s impossible for it to not feel special to anyone who gets to visit.

Our tour was done, more or less. Last stop was where we would be sleeping for the night. Our tent was already up, and was right by the ocean. The feel of the breeze was perfectly balanced with the warmth from the camp fire.

I hung a big sheet on the line first so Taelor would feel comfortable changing. As he changed, I rolled out our sleeping bags, then once he was done changing, we brushed our teeth.

Changing into my pajamas didn’t take long, and soon I was spraying him with bug spray before laying down beside him to gaze at the stars.

I turned over on my belly so we could pray together. After praying, I told him a story from my childhood. It was lovely sharing my life story with him with the backdrop sounds of the forest and ocean, while under the moonlight.

Perfect day. Just perfect! 🙂

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