Ballet and Shopping with Taelor

I woke up today full of energy, so I took it out on our lawn mower. Spring is practically upon us, and seems like the grass in our front yard got the memo before I did, so I did some work trimming it before Taelor woke up.

Once he was awake and dressed, we headed to his ballet class at the Little Toes Dance Academy.

FYI – Little Toes Dance Academy is currently enrolling new students, so click here to sign up quickly. 🙂

Today was really fun. They did this chicken dance and they were all so lively. It was a joy watching him dancing and having a blast with his dance class mates.

Soon as ballet class was over, we headed back home to change. I’d bought him a new dress to wear, but I wasn’t sure it would fit. Fortunately, it did! 😀

Off we went to Charmie’s shop, Stray Kitties, where we got Taelor this cute little romper that’s perfect for upcoming spring/summer.

Right after, we headed next door to ToddleTeeZ to get this adorable bunny purse that we saw in the news. Apparently, it was being given away for free to group members. It was too good to pass up. Fortunately, when we got there, they hadn’t run out of the bags. So I reached up and grabbed on for Taelor.

He put it on right away and just loved it! He said he’ll be using it to carry his cookies since his dresses don’t all come with pockets. *laughs*

We headed home after this, where I tucked him in once we were done saying bed time prayers.

By then, I was terribly exhausted. But all in all, I’ll say I had a really really good day with my special butterfly princess, Taelor. ❤

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