I lost, but it was fantastic

I was invited to play “Bay City Squares”. It’s exactly like the RL game, “Hollywood Squares”, only without the copyright infringement. *giggles*

Playing against me was a lovely lady named Georgia. I’d never seen her before around town, but soon I came to learn that she was new to the city.

She seemed friendly enough and soon as we were a few rounds into the game, she was certainly smart enough too.

Our host was the ever suit loving, young angel boy – Pygar Bu, and he hadn’t held back either on another insight into his wonderful world of suits.

Our celebrities were: Kinnard, Benjamin, Maureen, Uccie and Angela, Anthony, Evola, Rachel, Roc and, last but not the least, Marianne!

Up for grabs as the winning prize was a brand new custom car from 2ZM Motors.

Taelor was in the audience. Despite the lighting being in my face, I managed to spot him a few times and waved at him. I also noticed a few familiar faces in the audience like Priscilla, and even my beau, Jacob Jedda, turned up to show his support.

It was a really fun game! I did not win, but I had such a blast.

Soon after, me and Georgia were properly introduced. She invited me to the opening of her beauty salon the next day.

After we got home and I tucked Taelor into bed, I couldn’t help but feel so blessed to have had such a lovely day, filled with such an experience, supported by friends and accompanied with my favorite little companion ever.

Very blessed indeed. ❤

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