Grand Opening for Georgia’s Beauty Salon

A few days ago, I was invited to the Grand Opening of Georgia’s Beauty Salon by Georgia herself. We had met at the Bay City Squares game, and she was such a lovely lady!

I had resigned to going alone, but Isaac and I were on the phone and since he was free, I suggested he’d tag along with me. He agreed, and so we were off on our way to Truro.

We  pulled up the Georgia’s Beauty Salon and it was evident there was a huge turn out. People were spilling outside of the doors. Hanging about. All the seats were taken and each hair dressing station had someone in it getting their hair done.

It was amazing. Everyone was here. I’m sorry you missed it.

But if you ever need your hair done RIGHT (RP and all), call up Georgia and head on down to her beauty salon, located in Truro right here in the best city to call home – Bay City.

Contact Name: Georgia Sipe (lilaskyheart Resident)
NorPhone Number: (496)677-5041


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