Movie Night with the Winterfells

Today was one of those really packed days for us. But we love those as must as any other really.

It began with ballet. We had the Mother and Child ballet class today, and fortunately we were able to make it. So off we went, after checking to see if we had mail in our mailbox. We did 😀

On the way we took a detour to visit my brother and saw that there was a new train in his neck of the woods. We made a note and promised to come back, cause being late for ballet is no bueno.

Lots of parents turned up and it was really a lot of fun as we took to the dance floor. Taelor was so adorable. Well, all the kids were really, but you can’t blame me for keeping an extra eye on my child, can you? He was in yellow as always. Looking like a big ball of sunshine to me as he danced his heart out.

After ballet, we hurried home to get freshened up and change clothes, cause we had a movie date with the Winterfells to celebrate Benji’s birthday.

We took some time in the swing my brother got us for Christmas. It was more like a hanging round couch than a swing. We just sat there for a while relaxing, taking in the fresh air and the sound of birds in our back yard, and watching the cars go by. We even spotted the bus.

After a while, we hopped into the car and made our way there.

Ema, her best friend, Benji, and Kitt were there. Taelor and I gave the purple overall we’d gotten for Benji. He really loves the color purple and ponies, so we were lucky to find this outfit for him.

He seemed to like it. I think he’s a shy boy and doesn’t really share his excitement. But he didn’t take it off, so that’s a good sign. Right?

I also got him and all the kids – Taelor, Kitt and Isaac – skateboards.

After all the gift giving, we each found our spot and settled into movie watching. The kids selected “Wreck-It Ralph” to watch. It was a fun and very delicious looking movie!

By the time it was over, night time was upon us. So we said our goodbyes and I took my sleepy headed Taelor home for bed time.

He got his adorable onesy on, and after we prayed and I snuggled him to pieces, he was fast asleep like Mommy’s little angel.

What a fun day with friends and lots of love. ❤


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