Taelor does the dishes

I love being home with Taelor. We get so busy sometimes that we barely manage to just take some time alone to do something as simple as nothing. It’s really my fault. I’m always signing us up for one thing or the other, not to mention, we love our family, so we try to make plans to see them. We have lots of family, so it keeps us busy getting to give each their due quality time.

Anyway, today was a great big “nothing but something” day. Nothing, cause I didn’t make any plans what so ever. And something, cause any day spent alive, in good health and shared with a loved one (like me and my son do), is something! Heck. It’s more than just something. It’s everything.

So after my much needed good morning hug from my sunshine man, we headed to the kitchen for breakfast. We’ve got quite a selection of cereal, but Taelor decided he wanted “Choc-o’s”. I obliged him. It’s been a while since he cashed in on his Sugar Saturdays, so I figured an indulgent sugary breakfast wasn’t entirely out of the question this time.

We prayed and soon he was at it, beaming as his milk went from white to chocolatey brown. He loved it! He loves chocolate, and all his grinning was making my day. To top it off, we found 2 toy whistles in the box, so we each took one.

After breakfast, I asked Taelor if he could put his bowl in the sink while I cleared the table. I rarely ask him to do these things, cause it comes so naturally for me to do it. But my hands were full, so I did ask.

Not only did he do it but before I knew it, I heard the tap running and saw him putting some soap on a sponge and take it to the plates! I watched quietly behind him for a while.

I’d never shown him how to wash the dishes before. He’s helped with wiping the plates, yes, but never to wash. He must have learned from his dad before we met or from watching me all this while. Either way, I was stuck there and on the verge of crying.

Yep! I was welling up and on my way to CRYING Station, but I composed myself. Wouldn’t want him thinking that his mother is an emotionally unstable human being, now would we? *laughs*

Never felt more proud as he did those dishes and perfectly so!

He needed a reward! Yup! Right after the dishes, I took him to the bookshop we love to get a new book for story time.

They seem to have a lot more than ever before. It took ages to decide, but we really couldn’t pick one. Fortunately, we each got a gift while we were stood there. A new book! So that’s what we took home right away.

Once he was washed up and in his pajamas, we prayed together then cuddled up on his bed while I read him the bed time story.

He slept so sweetly. And I did too, cause I accidentally fell asleep right beside him after tucking him. ❤

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