Sidney moves to the Blake Sea

Today is Tuesday. This means BALLET!

It’s not new that every Tuesday, Taelor goes for his dance lessons at Little Toes Dance Academy. Today was no exception.

We both woke up, got washed up and met downstairs where I got my big squishy hugs 🙂

Ballet class was really fun always. They learned a lot of new dances.

During class, I got a call from Sidney letting me know that Mikey and him had finally found a home they loved in the Blake Sea. I promised we would come visit and congratulate him in person.

After class we headed home to change before our journey across the sea to find Sidney’s new home.

They were still expecting the boat to arrive with the rest of their things, but it was still nice to arrive and see the new house on their very lovely island.


We hugged “Hello”…

Then Sidney showed us around after Taelor stopped to smell the flowers…


Bed time came soon. It always sneaks up on us when we’re having a good time.

After farewell hugs, we headed home.


Taelor quickly washed up and changed into his nighty.

We said our bed time prayers and soon he was tucked away asleep.


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