Davy Jones’ Revenge

Today, me and my partner in adventure, set off to participate in the Bay City Rumble. We have been in on other rumble since we’ve lived in Bay City. Because of the time constraints, we’ve not really had much time to participate in each one weekly, so when I saw that our schedule was clear for the day, I was very excited that we would get to participate.

This time, the race would be by boat. We don’t have a speedboat or anything fancy, but what we did have would suffice.

We put on our cool glasses, and Taelor put on his life vest, as he should. Soon we set off in the race.


Our host was Clockwork Puppet, and the route was from New Port Harbor to Wellfleet Harbor.

We had a breakdown along the route, but I was able to fix the engine of the boat in no time – thank goodness!



The winners in the end of the race where Rachel Seelowe for the first leg of the race; and, Marianne McCann for the second.

We took a few minutes to celebrate with them before heading home.

We had a few messages waiting when we got home. After Taelor checked it, we headed on upstairs to get ready for bed.

We said our prayers, and soon he was under the covers getting tucked in for the night.


Was really a lovely end to a lovely day. ❤

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