Breakfast, Grocery Delivery, Tram and Kites

I woke up today with so much energy and bursting with enthusiasm for the day.

Taelor was up early too, but not before me. I was already dressed and had already done some vacuuming by the time he scampered down in his nighty to give me hugs.


It was such a beautiful day. A day to be outside! He was on board, so ran back up to get washed and changed.

My tummy was grumbling! I knew if I was hungry, surely Taelor was too, so I called P’s Bistro in Truro to check if they were open and serving breakfast today. They were!


We got in the car right away and headed down to Truro for breakfast.


The owner, Priscilla Cox, was there and served us personally. We both were in the mood for pancakes, and she made the most delicious pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries. We washed it down with rootbeer.


I paid our bill…


Then Priscilla took us for a stroll by the fountain behind the restaurant…


We went on to the grocery store to grab a few things for the house. I also got some groceries for Taelor’s friends – Marianne and Pygar.

They live alone and I’m always wondering if they’re eating vegetables. I know for a fact that they are most certainly overloading on chocolates and coffee, so I thought sending them some groceries might help a bit.

After shopping, we strolled back to our car, stopping briefly by the gallery to see some art, then peaking through the windows of Georgia’s Beauty Salon as we made our way to get our car.

I loaded the back of the car with the grocery bag…


Then we took off down the road, headed towards Shermerville to deliver the groceries.


On the way, we stopped at the Brewery.


I wanted to show Taelor where the root beer we’d had earlier was brewed and distributed from! It was somewhat of a mini excursion.


After our little detour, we got back on the road and headed in the direction of Shermerville.


Finally, we arrived and parked up…


We went up to the front and rang the door bell for a while, but no one was home.


Oops! We may have dropped a few groceries on the welcome mat.


We decided to take a moment to write a note then leave it in the mailbox, before leaving the groceries by the door.


After this, we got on the road and headed to my brother Shakespeare’s sim – The Mill. We have been there a few times, but since they got a tram installed, we had not been back to try it. So off we went, straight to The Mill.

We arrived, parked and strolled for a while till we greeted by a beautiful horse with “white socks” (lol). Naturally, Taelor stopped to say hello to it…


We walked on and found a raccoon! He wasn’t allowed to talk too long to it. Sometimes they are really unpredictable and could bite. I wasn’t taking any chances today!


Finally, we found the tram and walked round to the entrance, then we sat down in time for it to start moving along the track.


It really was fun watching the scenery go by as we relaxed on the tram. The sun was starting to set and we could see it beauty on the horizon as we looked beyond the boardwalk.


Fortunately, it was still bright, so when we got off the tram we picked some kites on the boardwalk then ran into the flowery field to fly them together.


We were both exhausted after all that running around with the kites, and nighttime was now upon us, so we headed home.

After Taelor got washed up and changed, we prayed and then I got him under the covers and read him a bed time story.


What a really fun day! I honestly enjoyed every second of it. Sleep came easily too, and, like Taelor, I slept with a smile on my face.

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