Out with Frank

Today, I went out with a new friend, Frankie Lindman.

I know what you’re thinking – No it was not a date. At least, I don’t think it was….Hmmm! Was it? *thinks*

Anyway, he was really nice. I was a bit overdressed when he turned up on my door step to pick me up.

He wanted to take me sailing to his home a few hours away. So, he drove us to Shermerville…

Date with Frankie_001

Then we got into his boat that was waiting by the dock.

Date with Frankie_003

Many hours later and after a break to check the engine oil, we finally arrived at his neighborhood.

There was a waterfall near by! It was magnificent!

Date with Frankie_020

After docking the boat, we went into his home. It was a very old, but cozy cottage with a lot of charm.

I met his cat…

Date with Frankie_024

And was offered a beer while we hung out on his balcony for a while, watching as ships sailed by.

Date with Frankie_028

He wanted to show me his town, so we got in one of his cars and made our way up the drive and onto the road.

Date with Frankie_030

There was just so much to see as we whizzed by some very interesting landmarks.

We eventually made our way back to the boat after both changing into our bathing suits and going for a short dip in the lake.

Date with Frankie_035

We made it back to the dock by his house, I quickly took pictures of him, then ran in to change back into my clothes so he could sail us back to Shermerville.

Date with Frankie_039

Once we were back there, I was mortified when he walked us over to his motorcycle. That was how he’d intended to take me home!

I clung tightly, but I must have blacked out, cause all I remember was getting home and falling right to sleep.

Date with Frankie_041

I’m just glad I made it home alive. It was a really FUN DAY though! 😀

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