Opened Doors

Coming soon to your neighborhood (at the discretion of your sim manager, of course) is my little pet project – The Sandwich Lady!

Picture the real life ice-cream truck, and you’ve got the idea!

I will be going from sim to sim (only sims that arrange with me and assign me rez rights for my truck), enticing the children with delicious treats delivered right to your door if you run out and wave me down, of course.

This new idea was birthed after a night of chit chat with my beloved brother, Adam. Before I knew it, I had a used truck and was soon scheduled for some very extensive refurbishments.

The truck went from drab to fab!

Naturally, I was dying to show Taelor this as soon as he was awake. But I had to wait.

It was Tuesday, and ballet was first.

Soon after ballet, I did show him the truck and told him of my new idea to deliver LIFE and non-LIFE icecream, sandwiches and drinks to family/RP sims who were interested in having unbiased RP infused in their circle.

Cumberland sims already signed up (thanks to the advocacy of Audree Freschi), so that’s pretty exciting! Hopefully more will invite me over and it will be a fun benefit to their community. At least, that’s my dream.

After showing him the truck, we needed to take a drive to drop off a Belated Birthday card for Pygar. It was his birthday only days ago, and sadly we were unaware.

We got there and pressed the doorbell. Assuming no one would be home, we left the card in the mail. But just as we were leaving, the door swung open!

MARI! She was home and quickly invited us inside.

I dunno why, but I love this little girl so much. She’s a smart whip, and is really sweet with Taelor. Taelor adores her and her brother Pygar. In fact, I only wish there was enough time to get them in play dates together.

For now, it was a joy to be sat with them talking and me, wondering inside my head. I know they said stuff, but for the life of me, I can’t recall. I must have drifted with thoughts about just how fun and cool it was that I wasn’t even listening. It probably happened right after Taelor asked if he could have the chocolate cookie that was offered to him (I said yes, of course). Oh well, all I know is I felt like a beast having to break up the bonding as bed time arrived for Taelor.

With warm hugs good bye, we parted, but I promised we would do it again. That is a promise I intend to keep, so help me God.

Soon we were home and prayers were said. We covered everyone in our prayers, before I tucked him into bed for the night.

It was a lovely day, truly. Wish you were there.

Notice to all Sim Managers: If you would like to have the Sandwich Lady truck visit your sim weekly as a part of a routine to drive/enhance your sim’s access to fresh and realistic RolePlay, please contact us and leave a message on

NorPhone# (282)GO-LUNCH / (282)465-8624

I will call you back as soon as possible to solidify the arrangements.

Thank you.

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