River and Tati see the Aquarium

Taelor and I woke up bright and early. He had a play date with Isaac today, but with such a busy week, we’d all kept missing each other’s call to fix a set time. So once we woke, we headed down to call them to make sure.


Just as Taelor was dialing his number, the door bell rang. It was River! My sissypoo! YAY


With her was a lady I’d never met in person, but had seen pictures and had heard about. I shook hands and confirmed that her name was Tatiana. Indeed, it was.


They came in for a bit, and Taelor and I got a bit more acquainted with her. Turns out that Tati had hurt her ankle earlier, during the drive to my house on the back of River’s scooter. Not surprised! My sister tends to drive like a maniac. Just saying. (hahaha)


As we were all gabbing away, I notice Taelor go over with a pillow for Tati’s ankle. I was shocked! Pleasantly surprised, yes, but I cannot take credit for this boy’s manners or consideration, cause even I didn’t think about helping Tati’s ankle feel better. I truly was so proud!!!

We hung about for a bit, then I decided I would show River and Tati around Bay City. Isaac hadn’t called back, so I figured he’d be late and he could always call us on my cell phone. So off we went.


We stopped at Molexandia where River and Taelor went out to explore the archaeological site, while Tati and I sat in the car like a bunch of old fogies, chattering away about our love for our children.


I discovered that she had a daughter, who was much much older than Taelor – she is an adult.

Soon River and Taelor were back in the car, so we continued our drive. We headed for Handa first, to show the doll store to Tati as well as point out the Salt restaurant to River. While there, a call came through from Isaac on the cell phone. Turned out that him and his dad were headed to our house, but were quick close to Handa. So we had them meet us at the doll store.


They were there in no time!


Soon as the boys were secured behind seat belts in the back, and everyone too, we headed on off back down Route 66 in the direction of Truro.


We drove by what seemed to be a Japanese mafia gathering. Least that’s what Korageth said. The high number of chauffeured expensive cars, outside this well guarded compound, did look pretty suspicious. I only slowed down a little, but then quickly sped back up and kept on driving.


Finally, we arrived at Hairy Hippo Fun Land. Isaac, Taelor, Korageth and I had all been here and to the aquarium too, but the kids love it so much and didn’t seem to mind, especially since it was to show River and Tati.


We rode the Ferris wheel…


Then went on to ride the Lollercoaster…


Before making our way to the Aquarium.


By now, it was obvious that both River and Tati were impressed with the awesome Bay City (hehehe).

River had moved to Sandwich for a few months now, but had never really explored. It was nice to see her feeling prouder of her city now.

As we explored the aquarium, Korageth tried to teach the boys some underwater terms. That was funny to watch. Questions like “If a bunch of fish are called a school, where are their desks?” were asked. LOL


Bed time was near. Despite the fun, we were a bit sleepy now, so we said our goodbyes with hugs and promises for another visit soon. ❤


Once home and Taelor was changed up, we said our prayers then I tucked in my little princess.

He was asleep in no time. The smile on his face as he drifted was all the thank you I would ever need.

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