Taelor’s playdate

Today was Taelor’s playdate with Isaac. I had made these plans with his dad, Korageth, over a week ago.

I had made plans to order some pizza, since the boys both LOVE pizza.

With Isaac and Korageth still on their way, I had just come outside to check the mail when Taelor came down behind me to say good morning.


My morning huggies – FINALLY!

In no time, I heard our gate squeak open. I’d expected to see a little blue haired boy (Isaac) and a giant bird (Korageth), but instead I saw a little bright eyed girl carrying a giant box! It was Irma!

She had turned up to say a big hello, carrying a gift!

We hugged her. It had been a while since we had seen her. In fact, November, at Taelor’s Birthday, was the last time we’d seen her. She looked great!

We invited her inside. I managed to open the box and revealed a glorious cake. She’d made me a cake.

How sweet! Literally and figuratively.

Soon, Isaac turned up with his dad, and after many hugs, the boys invited Irma to stay for their playdate. There was plenty of pizza and ice-cream for everyone, so it wasn’t an issue at all.

The boys and Irma went upstairs to Taelors room to play video games while Korageth and I remained in the kitchen getting the paper plates for the pizza, as well as the icecream and punch ready for when the kids came back down.

They had only enough time to play one round before I shouted them down for pizza. They seemed willing. Especially Korageth who ate two slices at a time.

Irma’s mom came shortly after to take her home. It was right on time too as Taelor’s bed time was upon us.

He said his goodnights, but Korageth and Isaac hung out for a bit while I went to tuck him into bed.

Naturally, we prayed first and after that I tucked him under the covers. He seemed really happy. He’d had a good day with his friends, and I was so glad he got a chance to do that.

Family is everything, but friends have a special place in our lives. It makes me happy that he cares about his friends and values time with them, no matter how little. ❤

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