Relocating on Story Time Day

Almost a year ago, we moved to the Bay City after Sidney and I took the children of St. Michael’s Orphanage on a successful vacation. During that time, we discovered just how wonderful a place it was and soon I convinced my sister River to move here. She did and quickly rented 4 plots on the promise that I would landscape and decorate it. So I did.

I was going to be away for a while for surgery, so Taelor and I moved in with her.

After a while, she decided to turn over the place to me as she had bought real estate elsewhere. Ordinarily, I’d be reluctant to take on someone else’s space, but considering that I had decorated everything except her room, it very much felt already like home. So I agreed, and that is how it became truly our home.

Today, we leave that home.

It’s bitter sweet. We are leaving it behind, but we are also moving into a place that is ours in every sense of the word. We’re paying a mortgage and not renting. Truly a big deal, but still, this place holds so many memories.

Memories like when Taelor had his Birthday party; when I was recovering from surgery and had to spend my nights downstairs on the pullout couch; when Siddy danced and sang Taelor to sleep (or tried); when Taelor did the dishes for the first time; when Taelor got his Pinky doll and played with him in the tree; when Siddy came over to exchange Christmas presents; when Taelor and I brought home the first tree we ever rescued for Christmas; when Taelor had his very first playdate with Isaac; when the day Isaac came to help us decorate the Christmas tree; when Taelor and I finished decorating our tree and he got to crown it with a star; when my brother, Shakespeare, and his wife came over and swapped Christmas presents; when I finally came home from RL after Christmas and Taelor and I got to have our very own Christmas day; when Taelor wrapped Isaac’s birthday present, then left him with Ema for a few weeks while I was out of the country; when River came to visit with her sister, Tati, and we all went to the Aquarium; when we held thanksgiving at our house with friends; when Taelor got his very first couriered delivery thanks to his Uncle Adam; when we picked up Uncle V from the airport and he got to spend the night at our house; when Taelor and I got adorable flowery mail from Kao and Joi; when Irma brought us a cake; when Korageth made a mess, but then came back to clean it up (HAHAHA); and, one of the many time Taelor had a bubble bath and got his hair done.

These are just a few!

To say the least, we have a lot of memories we are leaving behind here. It is sad. Yet, when I reflect on the possibilities of many more memories to be had ahead of us, I can’t help but feel less depressed about the circumstances. So with that in mind, I braced myself for the day. This would be what I would project to Taelor, so he won’t be filled with too much despair. Instead, let him have joy and excitement about what the next adventure we, The Mistwallowers, will encounter.

I had the movers take our things early. All that remained was a few bags, and I’d already put those in the rented car that was parked outside.

Taelor gripped his Pinky doll tightly, while I gripped him tightly, and we took a moment to say farewell to his room and closet. After a farewell to other parts of the house, we headed out front to get in the car and make our way to Handa.


Arriving there wasn’t too bad. The gardener has done a great job getting the yard in somewhat of a decent order. Decent enough to appease a certain 9 year old boy who loves flowers ALOT. 🙂 Despite being a bit sad, I could tell he was coming around and slowly embracing the place a bit as his, as home.

Infusing a bit of normalcy into our day was ballet rehearsals. It was Mommy and Child day again, so we changed up and headed over for a fun afternoon.

Once rehearsals were over, we headed home where we both changed, checked our messages and headed across the street for the very last ~Belle’s Babydolls~ Story Time at the current location.


The doll store would be moving in the upcoming week, and as a result, so would the venue for our story time.

A few kiddos turned up with their babydolls. If I recall, besides Taelor, there was Poppy, Kaity, Trudy and two lovely sisters who I had never seen before.

Grandma Belle told the story about how the tortoise got its shell, and also another story with a Godly message. The kids seemed to really enjoy it.

After story time, we headed home. Once Taelor had washed up, we said bed time prayers and in no time, he was being tucked away safely for the night.

What a big day. He was brave and thankfully, there were no tears shed today. Not a one.

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