Pinky Therapy

No body is too old for a bubble bath.

Not even me at thirty…umm…I mean, a hundred.

Bubble baths are just like sweet smelling, wet hugs with frothy, popping sounds every once in a while. You’d be insane to pass one up!

Today was another day of my son proving he is NOT insane. Let me explain…

Taelor woke up and somewhere between getting out of bed and me seeing him, he somehow picked up and clung to his dolly Pinky. First thing! Hmmm.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing him with his dolly. It makes me feel happy to have made it, since it was all inspired by him. But his pattern so far (and oh I do observe) has not been one that has him waking up and reaching for Pinky, and keeping him by his side the second he awakes. Something was up, and even he didn’t know it. Perhaps.

My suspicion was that he was still coping with adjusting to our new home. I noticed that whenever we relocate, he picks up a dolly or some object and clings to it just a little bit.

I anticipated this, and so I knew already that the day would be all about getting him feeling right at home here. What better way to do it than to have a bubble bath?

I was already downstairs, and just got done ripping the wrapping around a big bottle of “strawberry bubblegum blast tear free bubble bath”, when I heard his little feet creeping up beside me.

After my very needed morning huggles, I told him he was gonna get a nice big fancy bubble bath! My very sane son was happy. He loves bubble baths. Oh yes, he does!

In a flash he was undressed and in the tub, having left Pinky on the stool to wait. It was adorable really.

He told me all about how Pinky had been scared in the night and had managed to get up in time to wake him up so he could take him to the potty. I listened ever so attentively. I rely on these little stories for a bit of insight, and find it so simplistic and pure.

Children often express how they feel through their favorite dollies or other inanimate buddy. They share stories, and sometimes it’s easier to project their fears unto their inanimate friend in a bid to be brave and strong – even protective of said inanimate friend. So in some way, today, Pinky was unwittingly being a part of his therapy, if you will.

Pinky – Taelor’s subconscious mouth piece! At least that’s what I took from this detour in his pattern (but I could be wrong, I’m no expert. I’m learning as I go). Think this is why they say these sorts of toys are best friends/companions. They can be projected on.

So anyway, to sum up what I gathered, it was as I suspected…he wasn’t yet settled. And it really was okay. In time he will be. Today was to begin that process of readjustment.

The bath was full of bubbles, and the room was warm and smelled of bubblegum dessert.

I helped get him washed and made sure to avoid messing up his very nicely done hair do. Thank goodness for shower-caps.

Once we were done, I wrapped him in his new towel and bathroom slippers. Both – yellow!

We headed on upstairs where he got dressed. I went to get lunch ready.

We were having some mushroom risotto! Yummy! Taelor thought so too, even though it was his first time having risotto.

After lunch, he brushed his teeth while I washed the dishes.

Once that was done, I took him to the new location of ~Belle’s Babydolls~. We had moved, and though I was still in the process of setting things up, I wanted him to see it and be a part of it. I always value his contributions and this time was no exception.

As we made our way home, he got to see and hug his cousins – Poppy, Sami and Kaity. They were playing a game together so we didn’t hover to disturb. Besides, it was already bed time for Taelor.

After prayers, I read him a delightful story. It was very light and put him in such a happy mood before settling down into a restful state, where I watched him drift off smiling…till he was asleep.

It’ll take some time before this new place feels like home, but hopefully today has helped bridge that gap ever so slightly.


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