A Surprise Mother’s Day

I woke up and soon noticed we had some carpentry issues around the house.

Being a single parent means I get the wonderful pleasure of fixing such things. As I was trying to figure it out, down came Taelor in his ballet outfit ready to go. It was Tuesday – his ballet day!

I, of course, get my morning hug! It’s a necessity! 😀

Then we set off for ballet, but as we’re walking over there Taelor turns to me and says he has a surprise for me.

Now, I know it’s not my birthday. It’s not valentine’s day either. Nor is it Christmas.

For some reason, the past weekend I was focused on getting through the adjustments in RL and the Mother’s day activities that came along with it that I forgot all about myself. Seeing Taelor two days later also made the celebration a lot more distant for me. I truly didn’t think…

So off we went to ballet class. He danced, and I thought. I later joined in the dancing, but oh boy did I still think. What could the present be, and why!?

Finally class was over. I’d never wanted ballet class to end so quickly ever. I love seeing him at it, dancing with his friends, but today curiosity got the better of me. Soon as class was over I held my hand out for my present.

Taelor said it was at home, so I grabbed him and rushed there. He then added further that it was in my room, so off I ran…up the steps and broke into my room.

The smell hit me first. As floral as you can imagine. Like 100 potpourri bowls set out in a small space. Or a very efficient diffuser cycling through some very essential essential oils. Only it wasn’t. Low and behold, my eyes beheld flowers. Gorgeous fresh PURPLE flowers spread all over my room! It was like I was  a flower market, only the only person screaming was me.

I was truly taken by surprise. Suddenly it hit me when I saw the wrapping on the box. It was for Mother’s day. I hadn’t been forgotten. Not even two days post.

There was my very own trophy also. MINE! It held a sentence with accolades to my parenting. Shux! If only he knew that I winged it and half the time I have no idea what I’m doing. Then again, maybe that’s what makes a good parent. Someone who has no clue but never stops searching and trying.

My heart grew when I opened my present and pulled out a specially made dress. JUST for ME! By my own son’s hands.

The dress was purple, and tacked with a bunch of butterflies. The perfect dress with a bit of me in the purple (my favorite color), and a bit of him in the butterflies.

Easily my most favorite dress now! Hands down to the rest of my closet.

What a day! I feel so special.

As was checking myself out in the mirror and getting bloated with butterflies in my head from feeling so special, I remembered we were having a guest over soon – Ms. Ema, Taelor’s aunty 🙂

I quickly sent Taelor to get changed and I was glad I did then cause in just a few minutes following, the doorbell rang.

Knowing who it was and that she would be patient, I waited and made Taelor get the door himself.

Boy was he so happy, so was I too. We’d both missed her and been wondering how she was, so it was good to see her and get to catchup.

She came bearing gifts too. A unicorn for Taelor. He named him and soon began telling us stories about how his unicorn was in charge of the rainbows after it rained.

Super cute!

Time flew by, as it always does when you’re having a good time! Bed time was upon us, and so I sent Taelor off to get washed up and into his PJs.

After loads of hugs “g’night” to his Aunty, I excused myself and went up with him to say bed time prayers and tuck him into bed.

What a lovely day. Thank you, Taelor, for making me feel so special and loved. ❤

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