Happy 8th Anniversary Dearest Bay City

It’s finally here!!! Today is the day!

Bay City turns 8! Whoohoo. Not yet a teenager, but this place packs quite a punch when you talk of community, advancement, fun, life and love.

About a year ago, Taelor and I moved here and in that time so much has happened! From becoming Miss Bay City to creating the Garden Maze in Falconmoon to launching Belle’s Babydolls…this place has really become a lovely backdrop to many memories.

I’ve made such lovely friends like Priscilla, Jacob, Ayame, Red, Terr, Rachel, Uccie, Angie, Frank and Anthony; and, Taelor also – Mari and Pygar (my kiddy friends too). We even got our friends to move here – Isaac, Ema and Korageth.

We love it here, so when plans were being made for the event, I knew that despite RL I would make certain I found a way to be here – especially since my schedule didn’t give me much room to be involved in the planning.

When Taelor woke up (and I had gotten my squishy hugs first), we headed outside so he could practice being on his float without falling off. I made him a float with most of the dolls from ~Belle’s Babydolls~, with his favorite, Pinky, stood right behind where he was sat on the float.

He was wearing the most adorable overall too. I might be biased, but I don’t care. 😀

Anyway, what’s ironic is that I had gotten him a sash to wear since I would be wearing my Miss Bay City one. I figured, my little Princess boy needed one too. I found the most perfect one too. He loved it too. YAY! Success!

We headed off down Route 66 to the starting point. On the way, we stopped at one of the bleachers set up for spectators to say hi to the few that were already gathered there waiting.

After a few minutes of saying our hellos, we carried on down the road till we found the gathering spot.

Sooo many people were there. Faces I knew, and others I didn’t. Names I remembered, and others I didn’t. Ponies, Snails, Bunnies, People…it was a real eye fest.

Stood on top of the dome, shouting orders and ‘The Plan’, was our unofficial little Mayor – Marianne McCann. She looked adorable, and her brother, Pygar, who was down on the ground with the rest of us was dressed to the 9s as usual.

The press was in full effect! We were also graced with a few Lindens (Torley and April).

EVERYONE LOOKED AMAZING! And very patriotic. There were flags being waved everywhere. It was such a good experience.


We were all divided into groups. Taelor and I were put into Group 1 with TJ leading us in his official police car. Former Miss Bay City, Sylvia, was also in our group. We even had a Mole in our group. So many others were there too. It was really packed and colorful.

The ride down Route 66 was amazing. We ended up at the Fairgrounds and joined the dance floor where GoSpeed Racer had already started her set.

As the rest turned up, group after group, the place was booming with laughter and so much love truly. Everyone was excited to be celebrating our amazing city, and the line up of musicians continued to impress and keep us going.

I was roped into making a speech by Uccie. Ordinarily, I’d have been tongue tied, but I rarely ever have NOTHING to say about our beloved Bay City. In fact, you could wake me up at 3 am and ask me for a statement regarding our city, and I’d have paragraphs for you.

So there I was, holding back enough to make a short statement to the crowd:

Oh goodness heavens. It’s INCREDIBLE to see each and every single one of you out here CELEBRATING our FANTASTIC, ONE OF A KIND city. It’s more than just a city. It’s a community. We love each other as much as we love the Moles and Lindens who invest so much time and effort to improving it on a regular basis. IF you dont live here, you should. But that’s by the by. Just want to thank you all for being here, and adding to the color and vibrance of the event. Here is to 8 years and many more. NOW….PARTAAAAYYYYYY!!!

(Thanks to Torley Linden for keeping notes on my speech.)

Isaac turned up too. It was super cute watching him and his buddy dancing together.


We stayed till the very end of the event. It was quite incredible that we both managed to keep on our feet for that long. Taelor was such a sport. The little guy danced his heart out and though by the end of the night he was super sleepy, it was well earned.

Once we got home, Taelor quickly got washed up and into his nightie. In no time, we were saying our bed time prayers together.

We both slept right after that. I was out like a light as soon as he was tucked-in.

What an amazing day! Can’t wait for Bay City’s 9th Anniversary next year. 😀

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