Fish are Friends

Today was bitter sweet.

I woke up knowing that today would the the last day I’d be seeing Taelor before his week long RL trip. Silly, really. Him and I have experienced longer periods apart with my many travels this year alone. Still, it’s never easy to say “see you later” to him.

The day begun perfectly. I got my grand hugs and kisses, and we chatted for a while in the living room.


There had been some digging going on in our back yard for a few days now, but he was oblivious. It was kinda secret…a surprise if you will. Only, this surprise was not from me. It was from my beau, Jacob.

Taelor had met him once or twice. I suppose that was enough for Jacob to be somewhat smitten with my lil’lad. So much so that he called me up shortly after our relocation and asked me whether or not Taelor liked fish. I knew there was more to it and he wasn’t asking about the taste of fish LOL.

Discussing further, I explained that Taelor loves his pet Spot. Spot is the fish that lived at the orphanage when Taelor was an orphan. He essentially adopted Spot and they’ve been together ever since. With that said, Jacob decided that he wanted to buy a present for Taelor, but wanted my “go ahead” first.

He got it! I’m always excited when people think of us, especially Taelor because he asks for nothing. It’s so sweet and always makes my day!

Days later, a pond is delivered with 2 very healthy exotic Koi fish!

Hence the construction work out back to make room for the pond…

With the construction now over, I led him outside to first hang up some laundry…


…then into our garden.

Way at the back, where a bunch of wild shrubs once lived now rested a beautiful pond and home to two Koi fish.

Taelor was so so excited. Soon we were both sat on the cushions, swinging our feet and staring at the fish. I lent Taelor my phone to text Mr Jacob. Hopefully he got the message. I’m sure it was full of thanks.



Soon the moment went from excited to mildly pensive and sort of sad. It was quiet and I think we were both missing each other already.

I moved my cushion over to sit with him and hold his hand. He laid his head on my shoulder and I laid my head against his head.


We sat there with the water on our feet and the occasional slippery scales gliding against our toes as the Koi swam by curiously.


Somehow, I found the strength to spin a chipper pep talk. I reminded him of Rule #1 in our Mistwallow Handbook.

Have FUN!

I made him promise that he would. I also reminded him to say his prayers, and to eat his veg (allowing the use of chocolate as a catalyst…LOL).

He chatted with the fish as best he could, but concluded that he needed to learn fish first to be better able to communicate with them. That’s why he couldn’t yet name them.

It all makes sense. 😀 I love his precious imagination. ❤

I promised I would read him a bed time story tonight, so we turned in early but first we washed our feet outside.


He changed into his nighty…


…then we said bed time prayers before I got him under the covers and began telling my tales.

I told him a Nigerian story about the Chicken and the Frog. It is a Hausa folk tale. Despite it’s dramatic ending, there were many lessons to be learned in this story, and Taelor managed to extract a few for himself.


As I tucked him in, I was glad to not be feeling as sad as I’d expected. It’s just a week and soon we’d be together again. In the time he’s gone, I could focus and get other things done. Things he could be proud of, and when we do see each other again we both would be better for it. That was my thinking and I’m glad for the constructive spin. It comforted me and hopefully my attitude was catching, because I did see a smile on his face as he drifted off to sleep.


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