The Jameson Family Camping Vacation 2016 – Day 1

RL has been busy, but when I got the invitation to attend my family’s camping trip, I had to pencil it down right away in my calendar.

You’re probably wondering how a Mistwallow is a Jameson. Well, it all ties in with my brother, Adam. This guy and I go way way back. In fact, we go way back with about 3 or 4 of his past lives. We have bonded in many ways and so we are tied with blood, sweat and tears.

His mother, Belle (currently Jezse) Jameson, and I met during Taelor and I’s trip to Argento Lago. She was this down to earth, holistic chick, who was as friendly as she was flexible, as she led me and many members of the small town in weekly yoga sessions.

The world being as small as it is, somehow Belle and Adam came to be Mother and Son. Thus, the link from Mistwallow to Jameson was created.

Taelor absolutely adores Adam and Belle. He doesn’t have a grandma, but I know a part of him is itching to call her that. He really got to spend time with her during the week leading up to Adam’s marriage to Natalie. She was sweet enough to reach out to him, and that really meant a lot.

So again, getting invited was a priority for me. Nothing means more to us than honoring family, and I was determined to represent us by attending even if it meant being late, especially with Taelor being out of town. And late, I was!

I turned up right on time to listen to the horrid ghost stories.

Jameson Camping_003

I was playing the guitar and trying very hard to tune out the tales of haunted woods ((WHILE BEING IN THE WOODS WITH THESE CRAZY PEOPLE … >_<)), mysterious moving cars, creepy children, and so on. A part of me was glad Taelor wasn’t there, cause I can just imagine him not sleeping ever again! He doesn’t do horror well. Neither do I, but he’s a lot worse than I am. Belle (Jezse) was sat beside me. Don’t let the sharp nails fool you. As brave as she looks in this picture, she too was freaking out!

Anyway, despite the shock horror of the stories, it was such a good feeling being among these strangers who make up my extended family. How neat.

There was Adam with his son, Ryder.

Aden who could really use some chapstick cause he was always licking his lips.

Rho and Draco were enjoying the fire. At least before Rho jumped up to sing and dance. She’s super cute.

Lili and Cordelia were there too.

Jameson Camping_020

Nikki and Teejay were all cuddled up (even if I did see Nikki staring at my little butt. SMH)

Jameson Camping_014

Rock (Nikki’s daughter) was there too and looked pretty with her thick, long, pink hair.

Jameson Camping_013

All this up against the backdrop of the luscious woods of Prim River National Forest. Talk about the most perfect, peaceful setting for family bonding! 😀

The fire went out a few times. I’d like to say I was cool, but I freaked out cause it was pitch black without the fire!!! Thankfully, Belle (Jezse) isn’t just a pretty face. She’s also a very capable camper and wood lighter! She came to the rescue.

After all the stories and excessive consumption of smores, I took myself into the tent I picked for Taelor and I, and got into my sleeping bag.

Everyone started winding down too.

Nikki and Teejay turned in for the night in their glamorized tent…HA!

Ryder changed into his cute Pajamas…

Jameson Camping_024

Then, Adam took him to bed and told him stories…Awww!

Jameson Camping_029

Belle (Jezse) was on her mattress, telling us tales about her camping experiences, before frightening us with harsh realities of spider bites…

Draco was laid up on a log, with Rho against it…

Jameson Camping_036

Malik was restless…

Jameson Camping_040

So was Leaf…

Jameson Camping_039

Aden was now licking his lips on his sleeping bag, with his Boogers bear ready for bed time on his plush backside.

Jameson Camping_025

Everything was slower and sleep was definitely stepping in for the night.

For Day 1, it was really nice and I’m so glad I was able to partake. We’ll be here till Sunday, and I can’t wait for Taelor to get a chance to share in these moments with family. He loves camping, but he’s going to love being with these people a lot more.

Family, particularly the kind that you choose, is everything!

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